July 16, 2015

Things to see in Cairo Egypt

At the Egyptian Museum, there was the Mask of Tutankhamun's mummy, photography was not allowed, it was one of the most beautiful man made things I had seen, stood there looking at it for a while, the Workmanship, the craftsman ship was extraordinary.

Recently I started watching Alexandria on the Oxus, the lapis stone - lapis lazuli, used to decorate the Tutankhamun's Mask came from Afghanistan, thousands of years ago. Alexandria on the Oxus is just one of the best TV travel series.

The Things you want to See while in Cairo

  1. The Pyramids Of Giza, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the World
  2. The Cairo museum 
  3. A boat trip down the Nile river. 
  4. Go see old Cairo with churches and Mosques
  5. Khan el Khalili Market
  6. Memphis, Egypt 

Eats: For cheap healthy and cheap eats try The Koshary, there are several shops in Cairo that sell Koshary. For Non Vegetarians I recommend checkout GAD, there are several of them in Egypt.

Stay: I stayed in the Center of the City walking distance to the Nile river and the Cairo Museum. (Picture of the neighborhood where I stayed is above) I was there during the Egyptian demonstrations and was the only one in My Hostel, most tourists had left. I did not have any problems in Egypt. My hostel was 10 US dollars a night. I arrived late in the evening and the next day I was off to see the Pyramids of Giza, I had waited for this day forever.

Pyramids of Giza

Travelling during the Egyptian Protests, there were hardly any tourists. imagine being alone in desert with the Great Pyramids around you. Walking towards the Sphnix I did see a few French Tourists. After spending a good part of the day in Giza I went to see the The Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser), or step pyramid.

The Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser)

Steps going inside the Pyramid

Memphis, Egypt

I ended the day with a visit to Memphis, Egypt. Within the Museum in Memphis is a giant statue of the pharaoh Rameses II.

There is an entrance fee to see just about any ancient historical sights in Egypt.

 Nile River

A trip to Egypt would not complete without a trip on the Nile river, I rented a felucca boat, below some Pictures I took while waking along the Nile, during my stay in Cairo, I walked along the Nile just about every night.


Below the felucca driver, he knew how to work a Sail boat, he was real good. I was his only passenger, we did not communicate mush as I do not speak Arabic and he didn't speak any other language. In Cairo though  you can get by with English for the most part.

Few other Pictures below during my visit of old Cairo Mosques

Above" There is a old bazaar called khan el khalili, I did spend a few hours walking and checking out the shops. 

khan el khalili reminded me of shops in Old Delhi, narrow streets, over crowded and dirty. Still had that old middle Eastern charm. Sat at a tea shop and people watch, locals selling knick·knacks will bother you there.

The picture above is the  Egyptian Museum - a must see, they have built a new one Since my visit.

More on Cairo, Visit my Post on Coptic Cairo

Happy Travels!


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  1. What an incredible adventure!! I've seen photos recently showing the pyramids swarming with people so it is great to see that it is still possible to see it without too much hustle and bustle!


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