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April 17, 2021

Things to do in Oahu Hawaii

Photo taken on my helicopter ride over Oahu

Visited O'ahu Hawaii in March 2021 for 9 days, a negative covid test was required for anyone visiting the island, please check before your date of departure for requirements for visiting Hawaii

Hawaii is expensive compared to mainland USA, Plan and budget accordingly.

Stay - I stayed with friends and family

Transportation - I used rideshare companies like Uber a lot, one can also rent a car

Things to do and see

1. Pearl Harbor

Rideshare driver dropped me in front of the memorial, and I walked the Memorial grounds. To walk the memorial grounds and see USS Arizona is free, however to get an audio tour of the complex there is cost, not sure of the audio tour cost as I didn't take it 

I arrived at about noon and spent over 2 hours at the complex, including a visit to USS Arizona. To visit USS Arizona one needs to take a boat, its free though you'll need to register at https://www.recreation.gov/ for a ticket, I went and had my name on the standby list and was able to visit.

2. Go to a Lu'au

If this is your first time in Hawaii, I highly recommend a Luau. The one I went to was Chief's Luau, it was amazing, basically Luau is a party with food, drinks and an entertainment show.

Luau and a doors off Helicopter ride over Oahu were the 2 of top things to do while in Oahu Hawaii

3. Hikes 

I am out of shape, and 2 easy hikes I recommend are Diamond Head and Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail. The views from the top of Diamond Head are wroth all the walk up the peak. If you are not Oahu resident you'll need to buy a 5 dollar ticket to hike Diamond Head.

Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail is on a paved road, one can stop on the way to take a break, on a clear sunny day one can see whales in the sea. This is a free hike. The drive to the start of the hike from Waikiki is just beautiful 

4. Beaches 

With beautiful weather and world famous beaches, Oahu has it all, if Surfing is your thing then head to Ehukai Beach Park on the North Shore Oahu. There are several scuba diving and snorkeling places around the island. If whale watching is what you are looking for, on a clear day Makapuu Lighthouse hike is where I saw several whales. I also visited Turtle bay, a few minutes before Turtle bay is the Dole Pineapple planation, worth a stop.

One day 3 of my trip I went to see Mokoli'i island also known as Chinaman's Hat, could not find parking so decided to go to Lanikai Beach.

On day 4, I went for dinner to a fancy restaurant on Waikiki beach, reservations are needed and the whole Waikiki area caters to tourists, it is all overpriced.

5. Helicopter Ride over Oahu

I did the doors off Helicopter tour for 45 minutes over Hawaii, the cost was USD 285. If price is not an issue and you are not scared of heights, its a must do, once in a life time experience.

6. Food 


Experience the local food, its really good. I ate at all kinds of places, support local restaurants. For breakfast one place that's really good is Boots & Kimo's Homestyle Kitchen, its busy so call ahead. I had the Pancakes with macadamia nut sauce, it was good!!

I also ate a lot of seafood, both poke (raw fish) and cooked seafood. For poke I recommend Izakaya Nonbei, the poke was delicious, call ahead for reservations.

7. Iolani Palace 

This one is for the History Buffs, the Palace was the resident of the rulers of the kingdom of Hawaii. Reservations are needed for a guided tour, I didn't have a tour schedule reservation, paid USD 5 for a self partial tour of the Palace.

8. Oahu Catamaran sail Cruise

Sunset cruise with open bar, this is one fun activity to do in Oahu, instead of sitting inside the boat, I was out side in the front of the catamaran, we hit rough sea's and I was complete soaked. Again this is one fun thing to do, great dinner and the Mai Tai were amazing. 

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  1. This is on my bucket list. Thank for sharing all of the wonderful travel tips. I have never gone on a helicopter ride but this is something that I would love to do. So much to do in this beautiful vacation spot. The Lu’auz and the food. It has so much history. Thank you for sharing.


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