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March 21, 2022

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend 2022

In March of 2022, took a trip from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona.

The price of the trip was US$ 229, and $20 in tips so total of $250, had booked the trip through a Tour company, you can do a search online and pick one. My tour included the transport and tickets to sites, a Navajo guide that was extremely knowledgeable and walked us through the Antelope Canyon’s sculpted sandstone walls, no lunch was included. The tour bus driver did have water bottles free to anyone on the tour, and did stop at a fast food place for anyone wanting to eat.

I was at the Pickup location at 5:30 AM, the bus was already there and left at around 6 AM, it took over 5 hours to get to Page Arizona, the drive is really scenic. One has to be somewhat fit to go up and down the steep staircase in the Lower Canyon.

Before booking the tour, there were 2 choices, upper or lower Antelope canyon, the choice I made was Lower Canyon as one sees the daylight coming through the narrow openings from the top provides multiple kinds of light reflections, its like amazing. Also Lower Canyon is more narrow, and is more expensive if going on a tour or atleast in my case.

In March of 2022 face coverings or masks were Mandatory and one's temperature was checked.

From Antelope Canyon the tour continued to Horseshoe Bend, it a 15 minute drive distance.

The bus dropped us off in the parking lot and we walked to the Horseshoe Bend Overlook Stand above the Colorado River as you look down upon river at the bottom of Glen Canyon. Horseshoe Bend is an area where the Colorado River makes a complete turn, providing just great views of desert, river, cliffs and canyon.

There is a railing and safe place to take view and take pictures, some of the tourists were taking chances and getting to close to the edge to take Photos.

From Page Arizona we headed back to Las Vegas and passed through Glen Canyon Dam. Picture taken from the window of a moving bus

Glen Canyon Dam

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March 8, 2022

Las Vegas Tips 2022

Visited Las Vegas Nevada in March 2022, my second time in Vegas, link to my previous Post 

I flew on a direct flight from Austin Texas to Las Vegas, the flight and Airports enforce Mask Policy due to covid 19. In Vegas however there is no Mask enforced in hotels, casinos, eating establishments or shows.

Vegas Airport to Hotel - I used Ride Share and the cost was $15 from the airport to the middle of Vegas Strip. 

Safety - Vegas is generally safe, however there are scams, avoid anyone offering anything free on the streets or Women asking to take photos with them, use common sense you'll be fine. 


My Hotel Suggestion  - I stayed in a hotel in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, from my past Vegas visit experience one thing I learnt, I did not want to spend all my vacation walking, taking buses and ride shares instead I wanted to enjoy my time in Las Vegas. Everywhere I went or did was in the Mid strip within 15 minutes of walking, even then I did end up walking a lot. I did take a day trip to Antelope Canyon and Horse Shoe Bend, the bus picked me up right outside my hotel and  dropped me back at the same location.

Resort fee - The Hotels in addition to the room rate will charge a resort fee, you might be able to avoid the fee if you are a high stakes gambler or stay off strip, both of which I was not willing to do, ended up paying $40 a night in resort fee, there is no avoiding it.

Food - For breakfast I ate at Mon Ami Gabi located in the Paris hotel, Make reservations as that place is always full or at least it was the two times I was there, I had the Poached eggs with Salmon, and it was really good. I also ate at various fast food places as Vegas meals can get expensive. 

The Linq Promenade - This is a must do walk in Vegas, Located center strip across from Caesar’s Palace Hotel it has everything from shopping, dining and entertainment. It was less then a 15 minute walk from my hotel. Linq has the world famous High Roller, a 550 foot observation wheel, which offers a 360 degree view of Las Vegas. I was there on a Friday at 4 PM and paid $30 for a 30 minute ride on the High roller, after 5 PM the prices go up. I ate at Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips, the cost of fish, fries and a soft drink was $20, it was very busy both times I went there.

The Linq Promenade

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck at Paris Las Vegas

The elevator will take you 46 stories high on the viewing deck of the Eiffel Tower. Known as one of the most romantic spots in Las Vegas, this is another great attraction. I paid $30 for an anytime ticket and went there at 5:30 PM just in time to see the Bellagio fountain show.

Shows - During this Visit I went to see Absinthe at Cesar's Palace, this is one of the best rated shows in Vegas, it is an Adult rated show, it was well worth the $190 I spent on the ticket. The show is in a Tent in the court yard of the hotel

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January 16, 2022

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta New Mexico

In October 2021 drove from Austin Texas to Albuquerque New Mexico, Its a 12 hour drive, took an over night break in Amarillo Texas

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is an amazing event held anually in early October with 100's of hot air balloons that fill up the sky. See video below, a must visit for anyone

Entrance tickets cost U$D 15 per session, there are 2 sessions 1 in the morning, gates open around 5 AM and second in the evening starting at 3:30 PM on the weekends, on weekdays there is just one morning session

Stay - I stayed at an Airbnb downtown for $115 a night, prices during the Balloon fiesta are high. My Airbnb was in downtown close to old town Albuquerque, and about 10 miles from the Balloon fiesta Park, Albuquerque did not have too bad of a rush hour traffic and the location worked perfect for me.

Weather - Mornings and Nights are cold and daytime is warm in October

Besides the Balloon Fiesta, I did visit Cibola National Forest, beautiful hike with amazing views

I also visited Old Town Albuquerque, that video coming soon, stay tuned.

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December 30, 2021

Iceland South Coast and Waterfalls

It was a cold and rainy morning, still this trip was the best part of my visit to Iceland in March 2016. Below are the stops the tour bus took us.

Skogafoss waterfall - There are stairs alongside the cliffs, you can climb to see the falls from the top. You don't need to be great shape to climb up, though I was out of breath by the time I got the top. The views from the top are worth climbing the stairs.

Skogafoss waterfall Iceland

Black Sand Beaches by Reynisfjara in South Iceland

Once in a lifetime chance to see Black Sand beaches. The waves can be huge, word to the wise not to get too close to the water.

A Cave by Basalt columns at Reynisfjara beach, the cave is not too deep

A 10 minute walk on the beach and you can see the gorgeous sea arches. As per my tour guide, one person flew his plane through the Arch.

Basalt columns at Reynisfjara beach are in geometric shapes

Tourists taking Pictures by the Columns.

The tour Bus stopped by the Glacier, we got off the bus to see the Glacier, there were people doing the Glacier walk, if you are interested in Glacier walk, Check with any one of the Visitors Center in Reykjavik 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall was the last stop on the tour, if you want to take great photos or remember the experience you had at the falls, do go behind the falls.There is a path and some stairs where one can go behind the falls, you will get wet and your shoes will get wet.

It was a cloudy day, more light would have added more color to the pictures, on a sunny day one can even see a rainbow by the falls, regardless it was pretty amazing to see South of Iceland.

Link to My Golden Circle Classic Tour Post

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October 9, 2021

Cadillac Ranch Amarillo Texas

2nd Amendment Texas Cowboy
In October of 2021 took a road trip from Hutto which is a suburb of Austin Texas to Albuquerque New Mexico, its a 12 hour drive and took an over night break in Amarillo Texas. With stopping for Gasoline it took about 8 hours to get to Amarillo.

Stay: Got a last minute deal for a motel with 2 queen size beds for around U$D 80 on booking.com which included breakfast.

No visit to Cadillac ranch is complete without visiting the 2nd Amendment Texas Cowboy statue (Picture on left) its 5 minutes away from the Ranch.

Map below of my drive

Got to Amarillo at about 7 PM and headed straight to the Cadillac Ranch. Check the video below for details.

Next day I stopped at route 66 visitors center, after which I left for Albuquerque New Mexico to see the International Balloon Fiesta.

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August 4, 2021

Nairobi and the Wonders of Maasai Mara

Visited Maasai Village

On the banks of the Nairobi River, this fast-growing metropolis is one of the largest cities in Kenya. The city is constantly growing and adapting, with chaotic roadways, open green spaces, and beautiful natural attractions just on the outskirts.  It is a very enjoyable place to spend a few days before beginning a safari!

When to Visit

The climate in Nairobi has comfortable, temperate conditions all year.  The nights are cool, and the days are warm with temperatures around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.  Temperatures are highest in December to March, while the best time to see migrations are from July to October.  The wettest months are April and May, so be sure to plan ahead to get good prices while avoiding the rainy season.

Best Things to do in Nairobi

There are amazing activities both inside and outside the city of Nairobi for you to enjoy when visiting. 

The best way to get around Nairobi is by taxi or matatu.  Taxis don’t use meters and can be notoriously unreliable.  Use a reputable company only, and verify the average cost of a ride with a third party to ensure you don’t get ripped off.  Matatus are basically short buses, and they add to the chaos and confusion of the dizzying roadways.  But, they offer an easy and inexpensive way to get around.  If you aren’t going far, then walking on foot is usually a good option—many neighbourhoods have improving safety for visitors, but it is always best to check with your hotel first.
Downtown Kenya offers many attractions such as the old parliament buildings.  There is excellent colonial architecture in the downtown area.  If you want to learn more about the history and culture, check out the Nairobi National Museum.  Looking for some time away from hectic traffic?  Spend your afternoon at the lovely Jeevanjee Gardens, or cool off at Africa’s largest ice skating rink, Solar Ice Rink.  A visit to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, where baby elephants and rhinos live, is an incredible way to support conservation efforts and get an up-close glimpse of these playful giants.

Find quality souvenirs and goods at the Maasai Market—a huge open-air market filled with vendors selling any number of handcrafted items and local delicacies.  Masai Market is only open on weekends.

Food in Nairobi

If food is a big component of your travel, you can enjoy excellent Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Indian cuisine in Nairobi. Common local foods include Chai, beans, cornmeal, and chapatis which are a lovely thin, crispy bread.

The adventurers can turn their eyes to the horizons beyond Kenya—here you will find the northern face of Kilimanjaro.  You can trek up this mountain or the nearby Mount Kenya.  The true adventure lies to the west, at Masai Mara National Reserve.

Visit Wonderful Maasai Mara

If you are in Kenya, a can’t-miss destination is the Masai Mara game reserve.  Masai Mara (also known as Maasai Mara or The Mara) is one of Kenya’s largest game reserves.  This is a popular destination for those that visit Kenya.

Getting There

About 280 kilometres away from the city centre of Nairobi, the easiest ways to get to Masai Mara are driving and flying.  The drive takes around 6 hours along a smooth, scenic road to Narok.  After the Narok pit stop, the road gets rougher, with pot holes or dirt roads only.  You can rent a 4x4 and a driver for the day to take you to Masai Mara. 
The other alternative is to fly.  A short 45-minute flight will take you over top of the expansive landscape.  Many safaris offer chartered flight options.

I used African Comfort Zone Safaris. The cost was around 300 USD for 3 days and 2 nights safari, and I recommend them. 


The Masai Mara area is mostly open grassland, making it an excellent spot for wildlife viewing.  There are almost one hundred land animals and over four hundred birds that call the area home.  It is an important area of studying wildlife conservation and for visitors to garner respect and appreciation for these expansive natural surroundings.

The annual wildebeest migration sees 1.5 million animals coming into the are in July and leaving in November.  This is a prime time to visit, and it is common for visitors any time of the year to see the Big Five—buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhino.  Other common animal sightings include zebra, crocodile, baboon, warthog, gazelle, cheetah, and hyena.

Out of the Big Five—buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhino. Saw 4 and the one I did not see is Rhino.

The best way to see Masai Mara is with a safari guide.  The local Masai people work with certain companies to offer an in-depth and unique view of the animals and the local culture.  These guides know the land like no other and are able to provide visitors an authentic experience.  Stay at a basecamp, and work your way out from there with your guide on day trips, night safaris, outlying camps, and visits to local communities.  Many of these camps are truly world-class retreats where you are treated to excellent local cuisine, and comfortable lodgings.

However you choose to explore Nairobi and Masai Mara, it is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with unforgettable sites and wonders. 

2 pictures above - The Safari Van driver stopped at Rift Valley view point for some coffee. Read more about the rift valley at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Page.

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April 17, 2021

Things to do in Oahu Hawaii

Photo taken on my helicopter ride over Oahu

Visited O'ahu Hawaii in March 2021 for 9 days, a negative covid test was required for anyone visiting the island, please check before your date of departure for requirements for visiting Hawaii

Hawaii is expensive compared to mainland USA, Plan and budget accordingly.

Stay - I stayed with friends and family

Transportation - I used rideshare companies like Uber a lot, one can also rent a car

Things to do and see

1. Pearl Harbor

Rideshare driver dropped me in front of the memorial, and I walked the Memorial grounds. To walk the memorial grounds and see USS Arizona is free, however to get an audio tour of the complex there is cost, not sure of the audio tour cost as I didn't take it 

I arrived at about noon and spent over 2 hours at the complex, including a visit to USS Arizona. To visit USS Arizona one needs to take a boat, its free though you'll need to register at https://www.recreation.gov/ for a ticket, I went and had my name on the standby list and was able to visit.

2. Go to a Lu'au

If this is your first time in Hawaii, I highly recommend a Luau. The one I went to was Chief's Luau, it was amazing, basically Luau is a party with food, drinks and an entertainment show.

Luau and a doors off Helicopter ride over Oahu were the 2 of top things to do while in Oahu Hawaii

3. Hikes 

I am out of shape, and 2 easy hikes I recommend are Diamond Head and Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail. The views from the top of Diamond Head are wroth all the walk up the peak. If you are not Oahu resident you'll need to buy a 5 dollar ticket to hike Diamond Head.

Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail is on a paved road, one can stop on the way to take a break, on a clear sunny day one can see whales in the sea. This is a free hike. The drive to the start of the hike from Waikiki is just beautiful 

4. Beaches 

With beautiful weather and world famous beaches, Oahu has it all, if Surfing is your thing then head to Ehukai Beach Park on the North Shore Oahu. There are several scuba diving and snorkeling places around the island. If whale watching is what you are looking for, on a clear day Makapuu Lighthouse hike is where I saw several whales. I also visited Turtle bay, a few minutes before Turtle bay is the Dole Pineapple planation, worth a stop.

One day 3 of my trip I went to see Mokoli'i island also known as Chinaman's Hat, could not find parking so decided to go to Lanikai Beach.

On day 4, I went for dinner to a fancy restaurant on Waikiki beach, reservations are needed and the whole Waikiki area caters to tourists, it is all overpriced.

5. Helicopter Ride over Oahu

I did the doors off Helicopter tour for 45 minutes over Hawaii, the cost was USD 285. If price is not an issue and you are not scared of heights, its a must do, once in a life time experience.

6. Food 


Experience the local food, its really good. I ate at all kinds of places, support local restaurants. For breakfast one place that's really good is Boots & Kimo's Homestyle Kitchen, its busy so call ahead. I had the Pancakes with macadamia nut sauce, it was good!!

I also ate a lot of seafood, both poke (raw fish) and cooked seafood. For poke I recommend Izakaya Nonbei, the poke was delicious, call ahead for reservations.

7. Iolani Palace 

This one is for the History Buffs, the Palace was the resident of the rulers of the kingdom of Hawaii. Reservations are needed for a guided tour, I didn't have a tour schedule reservation, paid USD 5 for a self partial tour of the Palace.

8. Oahu Catamaran sail Cruise

Sunset cruise with open bar, this is one fun activity to do in Oahu, instead of sitting inside the boat, I was out side in the front of the catamaran, we hit rough sea's and I was complete soaked. Again this is one fun thing to do, great dinner and the Mai Tai were amazing. 

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September 23, 2020

Eureka Springs Arkansas Visit

 Eureka Springs is a beautiful town near the Ozark mountains, about a 9 hour drive from Austin Texas

Visited Eureka Springs Arkansas during the Labor Day weekend September 5th through the 7th 2020. My 2nd time in Arkansas, both times I stayed in Fort Smith, first time I was in Fayetteville and this time I went up to Eureka Springs.

Eureka Springs is home to its famous springs, one can take a spa package 

Eureka Springs has amazing Victorian houses.

My first stop was Christ of the Ozarks

christ of ozarks

About a 15 minute drive from the State of the Christ is the Thorn Crown Chapel

What a Beautiful Chapel in the woods

thorn crown chapel


The chapel is a must see, if you do go take a spring bath, the massage after that can be too oily something you can opt out off.

Happy Travels!
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February 28, 2020

San Pedro de Atacama Chile Travel

Municipalidad De San Pedro de Atacama, is a block away from Caracoles Street, across the street is the Church of San Pedro de Atacama and there is a park, tourist office and a Medical post next to the Municipalidad.

I spent 5 days getting myself ready for the high altitude travel to Salar de Uyuni Bolivia.San Pedro de Atacama is Number 2 travel destination in Chile after Patagonia. Don't expect any fancy shopping malls.

Learn some Spanish. Though English is widely spoken.

San Pedro de Atacama Chile has one of the most beautiful night skies

How to get there - I flew from Santiago Chile to Calama, from Calama airport as you walk towards the exit, one sees the Airport shuttle booths, pick one its fixed price. From Calama it takes little over an hour to get to San Pedro de Atacama. The Shuttle is about 10k Chilean Pesos one way and will drop you at your hotel/hostel.

Stay - I stayed at Anka Hostel next to Caracoles Street, stay near Caracoles, its the main street with tons of tours agencies, money exchange, shopping, and great eating places. I loved my stay at Anka. Good breakfast, clean rooms and friendly staff.

Food - I during my 5 days ate at several places. One place that stands out for great Chilean food is Las Delicias de Carmen, its awesome and had a very good beer selection. Picture below.

There was a pharmacy next to my hostel, went there to get some altitude sickness pills and they wanted a prescription, there is a medical post in town, went to see the doctor there free of charge, had to pay for pills only.

Tours - I did the valley of the moon tour.

The reason they call it valley of moon is because it resembles the moon surface or so my guide told us. If you do this tour the sunset if beautiful, there are also bicycle tours in the morning where you rent and peddle by yourself.

My days were spent on the hammock in the hostal yard doing nothing, occasionally going to the ice-cream shop on Caracoles or to a café.

Happy Travels, stay near Caracoles in San Pedro de Atacama

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February 26, 2020

Ushuaia Argentina Travel

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

I took a flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, it claims to be the southern most city in the world. Puerto Williams Chile makes the same claim and it more south, visited there as well, Ushuaia has more going for it than Puerto Williams. Ushuaia is Beautiful city with snow caped hills on one side and ocean on the other.

Airport to Town Taxi - cost is about USD 10

Ushuaia is not budget friendly, plan accordingly. I was there overnight as the next afternoon I had a ship to catch to go to Antarctica.

Transportation - one can walk everywhere

Weather - dress warm, I was there in January which is there summer and needed a Jacket

San Martin Avenue is the main street with all kinds of eating places and shopping. One can also find tourist agencies selling tours to Antarctica.

One place I recommend for coffee and sandwiches is Tante Sara Cafe Bar. I also ate at 137 Pizza. Both are located on San Martin Avenue.

Tourist info office, you can get maps and all the info you need.

Along the Shore one finds all the cabin shops selling shipping and sailing tours along the Beagle Channel.

Happy Travels
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February 20, 2020

Buenos Aires Argentina Travel

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Well the Plan was to spend 3 days in Buenos Aires, things don't always work out as planned and with bad weather and flight delays, my time in Buenos Aires was cut short by 2 days.

Café Tortoni
Café Tortoni

Airport and immigration

The process is simple, though expect long line, kind of reminded me of Cancun Airport immigration 

There are ATM machines at the Airport.

Taxi - As you exit the immigration, there are car rental and taxi booths, don't stop at those, exit the Baggage claim area and you'll see the main Taxi booth, book your taxi there, its a fixed price.

Stay- I stayed at America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires, clean comfortable and really good breakfast.

Transportation - I used metered Taxi, cheap and safe

Picture to the right is Café Tortoni one of the best places in Buenos Aires to see a Jazz or tango show

Free walking tour, as with most cities BA has a good walking tour it starts at the Congress Building  and ends at the Pink Govt house.

Congress Building 

Pink house
The tour goes through the July 9th Avenue, Link to wiki page to the avenue is below, a good read


Obelisk de Buenos Aires located in the Plaza de la República is worth seeing aswell.

If you have time, I recommend checking out the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral

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February 17, 2020

Things to do In Addis Ababa Ethiopia

I have visited Addis twice since my last visit in 2015. What used to be a Poor sub Saharan city is now a African major business hub thanks in part to Chinese investments.There is a new Airport, a Metro light rail and high rise buildings under construction all over the city.

Airport and Immigration

USA passport holders have visa on Arrival, the fee is USD $50

Weather is good throughout the Year

Haile Selassie Church (Trinity Church)

How to get there - Take a cab

There is 200 Birr  entrance fee for foreigners.

Haile Selassie was Ethiopian King, his tomb is inside the church

The whole Place can be seen in less then hour, there is also the tomb of Meles Zenawi, Ethopian Prime Minister in the church grounds.

Entoto Hill and National Museum of Ethiopia

I visited these 2 during my 2015 visit, link to my 2015 Ethiopia Travels 

Shola Market 

This is a huge Local Market, try to go there with a local.Due to camera issues, I lost pictures of the market, ask for permission before taking photos

Africa Union Building

I could not find any info on how to get inside to see the conference center, took a selfie from the outside

Tomoca Coffee

This is the oldest coffee shop and the most famous, there are several locations in Addis

What to Eat

Injera and Shiro is Bread with a tomato chickpea flower dish. Very common Ethiopian food

Ful - Made from Fava Beans, I went to a local restaurant and paid less then 2 USD for a meal, came with  bread and Egg.

There is Gara Market for Grocery shopping and Mulmul Bakery for baked foods.

For Souvenir shopping, there are several shops near the main post office.

More to come, stay tuned

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November 9, 2019

Things to do Kigali Rwanda

Visited Kigali in October 2019 for 3 days, it is a very clean and beautiful city.

Weather: October is slightly cold, bring a light Jacket.

How to get there: There are buses from neighboring countries, I flew from Kampala to Kigali on Rwanda Air, flight time was 40 minutes as opposed to 9 hours on a bus.

Safety: Kigali is a safe city, it felt very safe even at night.

Stay: I stayed at Mijo Hostel, in a dorm, it was 15 USD a night, the hostel is amazing. Huge hall with breakfast and sitting area, and a balcony at the back with views of the city center. It was close to several eating places, I ate at Gusto Italian pizzeria and Orchard Bakery and Cafe.

Airport visa, and how to get to the city: US citizens have visa on arrival, the cost is 30 USD, Airport to city Taxi was 15 USD. No Scams, my taxi driver spoke French and we had nice conversation, he was from the neighboring country of Burundi. Older people speak French and younger generation speak English as a second Language.

Transportation: I used a motorcycle driver to take me around Kigali

Things to do and See

Kigali Genocide Museum

This Museum is dedicated to the Rwanda genocide, the slaughter of Tutsi by Hutu.


This museum is about a very sad past in Rwanda, the entrance is free, though donations are expected. Free guided tours are offered. Give yourself about an hour to see the place

Kimironko Market

One can find everything in this market from fresh produce to clothing to electronics and the list goes on, do yourself a favor and go with a  local and not alone.

Presidents Palace Museum

This Museum has been renamed to Rwanda Art Museum, beautiful paintings and art work inside. This used to be former President Habyarimana's home. There is an entrance fee to see the museum and to see the plane wreckage behind the museum, it includes a guide. The plane wreckage is of the plane that was shot down caring Habyarimana.


Photography is not allowed inside.

Grand Mosque 

This was mentioned in a guide book to Rwanda so I decided to check it out. It was a Friday, a prayer day so I did not go inside as there were too many people there, my motorcycle driver wanted to pray. I decided to go to a coffee shop and wait for him.

Nyarutarama Lake Avoid

Again This was mentioned in a travel guide book to Rwanda so I decided to check it out. Little bigger than a pond, some kids were fishing there.

Happy Travels!

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