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January 16, 2019

Discover Beautiful Bahrain

Bahrain is a fascinating travel destination for those who are willing to venture a little off of the beaten path. It features beautiful architecture, warm hospitality and rich culture, as well as natural beauty including glorious beaches. Visited Bahrain in December 2018. Weather in December is excellent.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island nation located off of the coast of Saudi Arabia. It consists of one large main island, as well as several smaller, outlying islands.

Saudi Rials (currency) is accepted in Bahrain, exchange rate differs.

It is a very multicultural place, with four official languages: Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and English. Due to its large expat community, Bahrain is a blend of many different cultures. Plus, as Bahrain’s is one of the few nations in the Middle East where alcohol can legally be purchased, it is a popular getaway for those in neighboring countries.

History lovers will also love visiting beautiful Bahrain. Bahrain has been an important trading post for centuries, so there are many ancient and historic sites to explore. Some of the most well-known include the Barbar Temples, the earliest of which takes from 3000 BC, and Souq al-Khamis, a stunning mosque that dates back to the eighth century.

TIP: Bahrain can be expensive. My hotel room was $100 a night, USD.
Airport to hotel was 5 Bahraini Dinar, about $15 USD.

Bab Al Bahrain
Bab Al Bahrain
Bab Al Bahrain, the main entrance to the Manama Souq. Manama Souq has a lot of shops selling souvenirs and Arabian lamps and artifacts. There is also other excellent shopping, from small bazaar stalls through to high-end luxury designer boutiques. One of the largest and most luxurious malls is the Moda Mall, however, if you are looking for Bahrain’s famous yellow gold, you should head for Gold City in Manama. Just FYI, I rarely shop, just went to see the glitter.

One of the main cultural attractions in Manama is the stunning Al Fateh Grand Mosque. The architecture of this mosque is absolutely beautiful, and it is open to both Muslims and non-Muslims. You are welcome to take a tour which will show you the most beautiful parts of the mosque, as well as share some information about the Islamic faith.

If you’re looking to relax or perhaps escape the hot sun, Bahrain also boasts several beautiful beaches, such as glamorous Marassi Al Bahrain, with its calm water and many beach parties.

All in all, Bahrain is a beautiful and underrated travel destination. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy the many fabulous restaurants and bars, or perhaps to discover the historic sites, you’re sure to be fascinating and enthralled by this amazing country.

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