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January 17, 2019

Visit to Baalbek and Anjar Lebanon

Visited Baalbek in December 2018, weather was perfect, some of the best roman ruins I have seen. You can read about the history at UNESCO world heritage site at https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/294

Safety: There are travel warning for tourists going to Baalbek and Anjar due to its close proximity to Syria and Hezbollah presence. I didnt have any issues. I even hitchhiked from Anjar to the main road 15 minute ride to catch a bus, this nice Armenian gentleman gave me a ride. Anjar is located in an Armenian resettlement town and Baalbek is Hezbollah with souvenir vendors selling Hezbollah T shirts.Anjar is 5KM from Syria, there are mountains between the 2 countries.

Suggestion: Visit Anjar before visiting Baalbek reason being Baalbek is pretty amazing and Anjar will be a let down if you visit Anjar afterwards.

How to get to Baalbek from Beirut, take a taxi to cola bus station. From there take a minibus to Baalbek, the minibus cost is 6000 Lebanese Pounds or about $4 USD. The distance is about 85 kilometers from Beirut or half way between Beirut and Damascus Syria.

I did a day trip, day is plenty to see baalbek and visited the town aswell, get lunch ect. There is a lot of army presence in town.

Entrance to the Temple of Jupiter, There were hardly any tourists there because of all the travel warning to that area.

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Temple of Bacchus, Above, dedicated to God of Wine. People drank a lot of wine as beer and Whisky was not so popular, this complex was built before Christ. Some of the most fertile land on the planet is here as per the info I got from the Baalbek museum.

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Inside Temple of Bacchus, me at the Alter. No Wine though.


While Baalbek is Greek-Roman, Anjar is supposed to be from Arab times, its all ruins and nothing like Baaalbek, looked very Roman with all the arches.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I am sold, next stop... Baalbek, Lebanon!

  2. Photos of Baalbek are amazing. It is difficult to imagine how it is big looking only on the picture. Did you feel safe there? Did they speak English?


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