Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar in Sanskrit means blue lotus flower. Pushkar is in Rajasthan India and 7 hour drive from New Delhi.

Pushkar Fair is celebrated for ten days during Karthik Poornima (Full Moon day in the month of Kartik), In the lunar Hindu calendar, Kartika begins with the new moon in November and is the eighth month of the year.

Pushkar, there a lake in the middle of the town

I left new Delhi on the 18th of November 2010, took a Bus from Bikaner House to Jaipur Rajasthan, Spent the night in Jaipur (also known as the pink city) and headed to Pushkar early next Morning. Full Moon night was the 21st of November. On the way back to Delhi, I shared a SUV cab with 3 others, the trip to Pushkar cost me under $150 which included, hotel 3 nights, food and cab/bus fair.

There is a beautiful Gurdwara in Pushkar, Click on the link for info, Gurdwara is a Sikh Place of worship. Below are the pictures I took.

Pushkar is also home to Brahma Temple, In Hinduism Brahma is the God of creation, I visited the temple, unable to take pictures as Cameras were not allowed. The temple is not popular with tourists, only with locals.

As less and less Camels are being traded over the years, Rajasthan Tourism is promoting Hot Air Baloon rides over Pushkar and surrounding hills. Picture I took from an Early morning hike to Savitri Temple, Godess Savitri, one of Brahma's wives, and is located on the highest hill above the Pushkar town. Picture of me on the hill.

Rajasthan is not only the state of Forts and Palaces, it is also a very colorful state and people really dress up in colors

Local men wear the most colorful turbans

Women dress in colorful clothes and Jewelry, and its common to see henna on the hands.


Street Dancing during the camel fair

A Gypsy Girl

Monali who I met with the Couchsurfing Group in Pushkar with the Gypsy Girl

 Thousands of camels are traded in Pushkar, the numbers are less every year as the rural area are developing in India and hence the need for animals for transporting or farming is less.

Camels are sold for anywhere between $250 US$ to $1000.

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Camels below at the Fair ground, getting ready for races

Lots of street dances and processions with locals dressed up

Snake Charmers at the camel Fair


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