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October 16, 2005

Whitewater Rafting Rishikesh India

Whitewater Rafting

My recent trip to India, I headed to the Himalayas for white water rafting in the Ganges river, Ganges is the biggest river in India and considered a holy river by some. Ancient cultures worshiped rivers I think, the place is about 5 hours from Delhi. From New Delhi you go to Rishikesh and Marine point where I started is about an hour north of Rishikesh. We went downstream for about 12 kilometers and hit 5 rapids on the way. Our end point was a place called Shivpuri.

I stayed at a place called Glass house on the Ganges. There is a hotelier that have turned old ancient forts and palaces into Hotels.

Used to think skydiving is dangerous… till I tried white water rafting. Quiet the thrills, if one is thrown off the raft in the rapids.. you never know where you’ll end up. Remember when you are in the rapids.. keep paddling.

Google Map For Rishkesh Whitewater rafting shops https://goo.gl/24q7hX

Glass house on the Ganges View From My Room

Early Morning Picture taken from my Balcony, 2nd Picture My Hotel room over looking the River

Whitewater Rafting 2nd Trip 

Visited Rishikesh and Haridwar in 2011, stayed at an Eco lodge. The next morning I was off to Whitewater rafting, I was familiar with the waters and knew to keep rowing in the rapids. There are several shops selling rafting packages, do bargain on the prices, me being an Indian probably paid half what a foreigner would have paid.

Some rafts were already on their way to the river, Rishikesh is a popular whitewater rafting destination.

I helped the team pump air into the raft. Once on the raft and getting ready to go down the river, I couldn't carry the cameras on me any more, hence no pictures of the rapid, GoPro was not popular in 2011, or else I would have strapped it on, but there will be other opportunities to go down the rivers on a raft.

My 3rd Water Rafting trip was in South America at the Urbamba River 

What are some of your favorite places for adventure sports?

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