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November 24, 2007

Acuna, Mexico - Del Rio, Texas

December 2015

Visited Acuna, Mexico and Del Rio, Texas for the 2nd time, my last trip there was 8 years ago, Del Rio what was a sleepy town now has attracted Chain stores, supermarkets and big car dealerships, what a change in 8 years. I stayed at the same Holiday Express I stayed 8 years back. Check booking.com for prices.

Del Rio is also home to Laughlin Air Force Base

Acuna - what was a dead border town is now a busy town, new OXOX stores (convenience Stores), I saw 3 and what a change overall, I didn't carry a camera across the border this time. so no recent pictures of Acuna, I was there for about 3 hours, took a cab both ways. The immigration check points both ways is quiet busy. Cabs both ways cost twice as much compared to 8 years ago. About 15 to 20 USD for taxi each way. Question I was asked, is it okay to do a land crossing into Mexico. Answer is with all the harassment you'll face coming back its not worth it, then again I am of Indian decent.  

November 2007

Spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the border towns of Acuna, Mexico and Del Rio, Texas. Its a 4 hour drive from Austin. I stayed at the Best Western in Del Rio, was comfortable enough. Plenty of parking. Breakfast was included, not really a breakfast its coffee and doughnuts, I kind of expected that. Good enough.

Border Towns are good for shopping, clubs and great cheap places to eat, not much of a real Mexico experience, since I live a few hours away I'll be making a lot more trips.

Acuna – The Mexican immigration just waved go and did not stop us. The main Street is Hidalgo, there are shops selling souvenirs, blankets, boots, alcohol and other stuff, I am not good at bargaining and didn’t care to shop.

If you want to go to the clubs, Corona is a good one. There are few others. For food I ate at Crosby, I really liked the food authentic Mexican, $20 for dinner for 2. I ordered Garlic Fish. If you want to go clubbing, go late in the evening, during the day they are empty.

Safety - I found Acuna to be very safe for tourist. There were a lot of Tourist that drove from Texas to Mexico, If you are going to drink, take the Cab. The cab between the borders costs US $10. There are parking available at the US, its secure and safe.

If you are not a US citizen and traveling on a US VISA or a even with a Green Card, get ready to spend an hour at the US immigration.

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