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February 4, 2013

Nicaragua to Costa Rica Border Crossing

I started in Granada Nicaragua, took the bus for 30 cordoba till Rivas and from there shared a cab for 15 US$ till the border, my share was 7.50 US$. Get to the border early, if not expect long lines.

At the Nicaragua immigration exit point, fill in a forum, you can get one from the official at the window for FREE, or you can buy one from the kids asking for money, usually less than a dollar. Once the exit fee has been paid and your passport stamped for exit, you walk a dirt road for 100 meters or so, you'll see lots of 18 wheelers along the road.

At the Costa Rica side, you need to fill a similar forum for entry, there are no entry and exit fees in Costa Rica. 

Money Changers - You'll see a lot of money changer with currency bills in their hands, for the most part they will give you a good exchange rate.

The border crossing is easy.

Crossing back into Nicaragua from Costa Rica is even easier, the entry fee is US$ 12.

In the Nicaraguan side, I found going to the border or from the border, shared cabs to a easy and cheap way to travel to Rivas or even San Jorge.

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