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January 17, 2016

Milford Sound Day Trip

Milford Sound is a fjord, a days trip from Queenstown New Zealand. Rudyard Kipling called it the eighth wonder of the world. The natural beauty of Milford Sound is breathtaking.

Queenstown is a small town also knows as the adventure capital of the world, there are plenty of places offering tours.

I booked a day tour on a regular bus, the cost was around $125 USD which included Lunch, bus back and forth from Queenstown and the Ferry ride. There are buses with Sun roof for extra money, most of the time you wont be looking at the sky, rather out of the window, pick a tour wisely and save some $$

Map of Milford Sound

It takes about 4 hours From Queenstown to Milford Sound one way on the Bus

Te Anau

This was the first stop, beautiful lakeside town, on the shores of the second biggest lake in New Zealand Lake Te Anau, we had breakfast here, there is a pie shop near the bus stop, they are more like Marie Callender Pies, and made fresh.

Mirror Lakes are lakes on the road from Te Anau to Milford Sound, most tour operating buses will stop here, most drivers will also give a commentary along the way.

I was there in October, Homer Tunnel in the Fiordland, Wiki page on the tunnel, Picture Below taken from inside the Bus, when taking tours, try to sit in the front seats.

Snow on the mountains on the Way, October is Spring in NZ

Milford Sound Ferry terminal

Milford Sound is 15 Kilometers inland from Tasman Sea, and the Ferry ride is about 2 hours. In October it was not too touristy, though Milford Sound is one New Zealand's most popular tourist Destinations. Pictures taken from the Ferry.

Bus broke down on the way back from Milford sound to Queenstown. We waited 20 minutes and 2 backup Vans drove everyone on the bus back to our hotels in Queenstown

 Video I made of Milford Sound with Views of the Waterfalls, do watch and leave me some comments.

South Island of New Zealand has an amazing variety of attractions and it is little wonder this is a top destination for a holiday.

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