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January 12, 2016

Things to do in Alexandria Egypt

One of the most historic ports on the Mediterranean coast, Alexandria has a surprising amount of activities for visitors. This is a beautiful city to spend a few days so take a look at a few of the highlights of this famous destination in Egypt. I hired a private Cab from Cairo to take me to Alexandria.

Alexandria has a Mediterranean feel to it and was built by Alexander the Great. It was also the setting for the relationship between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. In ancient times Alexandria was the center of learning and today is an important maritime city. The waterfront here is a big attraction and most tourists visit the causeway where the ancient Pharos once stood. 

Around the harbors is one of Alexandria’s most famous attractions. The underwater palaces and ruins are popular with guided scuba diving. Other parts of the historic city can be seen in the Alexandria National Museum. Fort Qaitbey on the Eastern Harbour is another attraction and Pompey’s Pillar a historic landmark in Alexandria. The Bibliotheca Alexandria was the ancient site of learning and is now a stunning piece of modern architecture.

Alexandria has some beautiful beaches along the coast which are very popular with visitors. Mamoura beach is one of the best to relax in the sun. Another lovely place to relax is the Montazah Palace Gardens which were built by the Khedive Abbas Hilby to escape the heat of Cairo. 

Alexandria is full of excellent hotels, many of which are right on the Mediterranean Coast. The restaurants here are great too with a blend of Egyptian and Mediterranean cuisine. Shopping in Alexandria is an amazing experience. The Anfoushi Fish Market is a must see and is one of the busiest on the Med. For most visitors a morning in the souks is another fun experience here with spices, leather goods and much more. Haggling is all part of the experience.

Mediterranean Coast

Roman Amphitheater Alexandria

You can stand in the middle of the theater and sing, you'll hear your voice echo

The library Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Citadel of Qaitbay

Alexandria makes an excellent city break and is a beautiful destination for a holiday in Egypt. Comments?

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  1. Thanks for the roundup! We’re planning to spend a whole month in Egypt next spring and I’m super excited, I’ve never been to Egypt before but it’s been on my list since forever. Thanks for the tip on the fish market, I love cooking and I can never say no to visiting local markets whenever I’m traveling. We want to keep it casual and visit as many hotspots as possible and right now we’re having trouble choosing between an airbnb and a hotel. Do you think airbnbs in this area are safe or should we stick to a hotel?


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