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February 21, 2016

Things to See in Rome

StPeter's Basilica
“Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city”- this famous line of Anatole Broyard can introduce a glimpse of the eternal city called “Rome”. Rome is indeed a city of art, religion, history, romance and many more. Rome was the epicenter of Roman Empire. Apart from world famous tourism sites, one fun factor of this magical city is you can travel to an entire another country, Vatican City, the residence of Pope while in Rome.  Let’s take a journey through Rome and its beautiful places


It is one of the biggest landmarks of Rome. Over 50,000 people can be crammed together in this ancient stadium, who used to gather here to witness the fight between man and animal. This stadium was built in 80 A.D. The inauguration of this Colosseum lasted for 400 years. The Colosseum was turned into a fortress during the middle age. Though it was damaged by the earthquakes several times, yet the glory and charm remain intact till date.


This ancient building is one of the best preserved historical buildings of Rome. The dome of this building is the inspiration for the Michelangelo’s Dome of St Peters. In the center of the dome, there is big opening, which is the only source of light in this building. During rain, the holes of the floor absorb the rainwater.

Roman Forum

It is one of the showpiece centers of the Roman ruins. This was once the focal point of Roman Empire. There are several ruins of The Arch of Titus, The Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine, The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, The Temple of Julius Caesar etc which still speak the story of glorious history.

The Vatican City

Although the Vatican City is entirely a separate country, it is located inside the city of Rome. The trip inside will take you to the beautiful museums like Sistine Chapel, which is created with the masterpieces of the greatest artists of the world like Michelangelo, Raffaello Sanzio.

Basilica of St Peters at the Vatican, This church is undoubtedly the largest, richest and most spectacular church of Italy. This church holds the masterpieces like the spectacular Dome bejeweled with amazing paintings of Michelangelo, the Pietà of Michelangelo, Baldachin of Bernini and many more. The original church was commissioned by Emperor Constantine.

There are relatively new age attractions like Trevi Fountain. It is said that dropping a coin there will ensure your return to Rome. Another attraction is the Spanish Steps, the amazing designed staircase designed by Francesco de Sanctis. In one word, Rome is not only a city but an entire world of art architectural and historical masterpieces.

The Arch of Constantine Rome

Whats your favorite thing to do in Rome?

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