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June 27, 2016

Cusco Peru Travels

Plaza de Armas Cusco

Spent 3 days in Cusco, 2 days before starting my trek to Machu Picchu as I needed to get used to high altitude, (Elevation of 11,152′) and one day on the way back before catching my flight back to Lima. 

Cusco City with the Andes Mountains
Cusco City with the Andes Mountains in the background.

Below Local Peruvians Cusco
Local Peruvians CuscoPeruvians

Plaza de Armas Cusco - The center of the city

Plaza de Armas CuscoPlaza de Armas Cusco

Day 2 - I did a free walking tour of the city provided by my Hostel, I have started to like guided tours as you can see things you might have otherwise missed. The tour takes us to Plaza de Armas, Qoricancha, museums, Inca archaeological sights, and a visit to the  San Pedro traditional market.

Above Sketches are displayed at a museum in Cusco, I do not remember the name of the museum

The walking tour ended at the San Pedro Market where they sell fresh farm produce to bakeries, also any souvenirs and things you might need for your trek.

San Pedro Market  cusco

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