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December 6, 2016

6 Hour Layover in Kuala Lumpur

Downtown Kuala Lumpur
Downtown Kuala Lumpur 
In November 2016 I had a flight from Yangon Myanmar to New Delhi India with a 6 hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur, my 3rd time in Malaysia. I have visited Penang before and it is beautiful. I had already decided to leave the airport and see the City. My 2 choices were Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Petronas Towers or my other choice was Putrajaya.

Seeing the towers was a risky affair as I needed to be back in time to board the Plane. Putrajaya which is closer to the Airport is a safer bet. Putrajaya has the Prime Ministers office and some Government buildings, there is a Train from the Airport that will take you there.

So my flight arrived 30 minutes late and when I got to Immigration and customs, I saw the long lines and said to myself  'Holly Guacamole'  Yes the lines were long, the good thing they did move fast.

Once past the immigration and customs, I got 200 Malaysian ringgit from an ATM and discussed my options with the helpful information Desk, once again at the MRT ticket counter at the Airport, the Gentleman selling the train ticket suggested Petronas Towers and told me I had enough time, I bought the round trip ticket for 100 Malaysian ringgit and was on the next fast train to KL Central. the train takes 30 minutes one way. From KL Central I had to change trains and buy another ticket for 2 ringgit to KLCC. When one exits the KLCC MRT they see the Petronas Towers.

Due to time lost in flight delays and long immigration lines, I was unable to go to the observation desk of the Kuala Lumpur Tower, will leave that for another Layover.

I spent half an hour walking around talking pictures and headed back to catch my flight, at the airport I had enough time leftover to get a meal. Since I travel light with a backpack and no check in luggage, that makes it easier to get out of airports during layovers.

Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur 
Whats your Favorite thing to do on a layover?

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  1. Always great to read through your blog. I like the shared experiences about your trips, it helps prospective travelers to know about the place they intend to visit. You're doing a great job. Keep it up.


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