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July 28, 2018

5 hour Layover in Denver Colorado

Another layover, this time in Denver or 'the mile high city' as its known as. So basically I was catching a flight to Panama City and the cheapest price I could find was on Copa Airlines, which flew from Denver, so I took United from Austin to Denver and Copa from there, I had a 5 hour layover.

Now I am not a big fan of airport food, so decided to take my chances and leave the airport and head to the city. So from arrival's, you'll need go down to departures and exit the airport and you'll see the train once out side the airport. There is a 9 dollar ticket you'll need to buy for the train ride. The last stop is Union Station.

IMPORTANT TIP: See the time on the ticket, you might be able to use the same tickets to get back to the airport.

Picture below taken at the last stop Union Station.

airport train denver

The train takes 40 minutes one way.

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Picture above The Union Station

Picture below: Several eating options inside the Union station and outside around the station.

So after a meal and a drink, I walked around the area, one can also take a pedicab, you'll see the pedicabs outside the station.

I was back at the airport with time to spare and was on my way to Panama city.

FYI There is no TSA Precheck at Denver airport, there were no long line on a Saturday evening.

Anyone from Denver or has been there, please leave your recommendations for a layover in the comments below.

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