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January 7, 2019

Layover in Newark Liberty International Airport

7 Hour Layover in Newark Liberty International Airport and How to get to New York NY from Newark NJ Airport

 I had a 7 hour layover in December 2018, December in New York/New Jersey is cold, dress according. My flight arrived at around 10 AM and my departure was at 5 PM to Denmark.
At the Newark Liberty Airport, I asked information about going to New York, they told me to take the skytrain to Amtrack trains. The trains and way to Skytrain is clearly marked, at the AMTrack station I bought a train ticket to Penn Station in New York, the cost is US$12.25 for one way ticket. The train ride is 45 minutes approximately. I arrived at the Penn station and there were people selling tickets to the ball game and to the Hop on Hop off bus for sightseeing New York.

From Penn station I walked to 7th ave Macy's.

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From there I walked to Time square, and back to Penn station after a roughly 2 hour walk around New York. I got back to the airport with 3 hours to spare. I leave you with a few photos.

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  1. Pictures like from the movie. It is always helpful when all the roads are marked. But, I have a question. Have you ever tried Hop on Hop off buses? I always was avoiding them thinking that they don't worth time spent on them and it is better to do everything by yourself. Maybe this is a good idea when it is raining.


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