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September 3, 2019

Things to do In Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, visited this Amazing city in the last week of August. The weather was just perfect, T shirt and shorts weather with slightly cooler nights.

Arrival - Arrived at Rio de Janeiro–Galeao International Airport early morning, Immigration is quick and easy, took 2 minutes and I was out in the Arrival area of the Airport looking for an ATM machine, there are no ATM/Cash Machines in the international Arrivals, had to walk all the way to Domestic arrivals to find an ATM. There are several currency exchange places at the airport, which I did not use.

Brazil Visa - US passport holder do not need a visa for Brazil, check if you need Visa here.

Airport Taxi, there are official Taxi booths at the airport, use your bargain skills at those, the cost of a taxi from airport to city is about 60 Riyal. The airport has free Wi-Fi and you can try Uber also. 

Safety - I found Rio to be safe, I took cabs at night, they have meters, no issues there, I also used Uber and the city metro all safe, I had my camera and cell Phone in My hand and no one tried anything, I actually found people to be friendly and helpful, basically I found Rio to be very safe. Now keep in mind that I didn't go walking into any favela's by myself. However I was drinking beer out in the open at street parties by the ocean with the locals, I am not suggesting you do this.

Tip for those who don't speak Portuguese, learn a few words or get an app as the everyday people you encounter in Brazil like cab drivers, asking people for directions will not know English 

Stay I stayed at an BNB found on booking.com and I paid USD $26 a night with breakfast included. It was close to Uruguai Metro station in Tijuca neighborhood, across the street was the Assai supermarket with restaurants, ATM's and taxi stand.

Food - tons of options, I recommend atleast checking out Confeitaria Colombo in Centro Rio.

Colombo Bakery 

Things to do in Rio

Walking Tour - That's the first thing I did in Rio and am a big fan of walking tours; now you can take a walking tour or do it yourself. The tour starts in Centro (Downtown) and ends at the Selaron Staircase in Lapa; Lapa has some great clubs and Bars, if checking out the city nightlife is your thing to do. Lapa also has Carioca Aqueduct to bring water to the city, built in the 1800's. The tour took about 3 hours, and goes through XV Square, Pa├žo Imperial, Cinelandia also known as Brazilian Broadway, Municipal Theater, and National Library the biggest library of Latin America. 

Carioca Aqueduct rio
Lapa Arches

Christ the Redeemer Statue 

One of the 7 wonders of the world, my 2nd day in Rio was spent in Rio at Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain. My advise is to get there early or else you'll be among large crowds. I off course slept in and was among large crowds. Took uber to the Christ the Redeemer hill and a Train to the top, train ticket was about USD $15 round trip, gave my self time to admire the statue and take in all the amazing view of the city from the hill. You'll have to climb stairs to see the statue.

There is a one room small chapel under the statue, where a baptism was going on while I was there.

Once back to entrance down the hill, some guy with a suggestion to eat his restaurant across the street. And all the walking up the stairs and down had left me hungry and I went there for lunch. The food was delicious, the place was clean and the price was reasonable. I don't remember the name of the place.

SugarLoaf Mountain

From Christ the Redeemer hill I took a cab to Sugarloaf, didn't have much luck trying to find a bus. The cab ride cost was about 8 USD. The cab rider dropped me at the entrance to where one buys the ticket for the cable car. Once inside you can buy the ticket though self help touch screen monitors. The round trip cost is 99 Brazilian Riyal. Try to be the first few people in the cable car, and get in the front for some amazing views.

The cable car takes you to the first hill, we walk though souvenir shops and cafes, to take the 2nd cable car to Sugarloaf. You see some amazing views all directions. Give yourself a good 2 hours to see and walk around.


Later in the evening I ran into some street parties by the ocean front where street vendors were selling beer and people were plating music, Rio is a fun place.

Next Day ( Day 3 )  I went to Gloria Street Market, it was a Sunday and you can find some of the freshest produce and seafood here. There are also clothing vendors, antique vendors my main focus was food stalls.

Mureta da Urca

A 10 to 15 minute walk from Sugarloaf Mountain, A great place to watch the Sunset and drink beer. Also a cool place for people watching, street vendors will be selling beer there. People will be playing music and musical instruments.


I spent 2 evenings at the beaches in Rio, some of the best beaches are Ipanema and Copacabana beaches

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  1. Brazil is in the TOP of my list "I have to see this". I dream of a Brazilian carnival and collect useful information about this country. This blog post like a treasure for me. It’s easy to understand and with personal recommendations. I love this approach. I also want to accent the video. It's awesome! You see the real picture!1:32 smiled, so atmospheric...


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