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February 17, 2020

Things to do In Addis Ababa Ethiopia

I have visited Addis twice since my last visit in 2015. What used to be a Poor sub Saharan city is now a African major business hub thanks in part to Chinese investments.There is a new Airport, a Metro light rail and high rise buildings under construction all over the city.

Airport and Immigration

USA passport holders have visa on Arrival, the fee is USD $50

Weather is good throughout the Year

Haile Selassie Church (Trinity Church)

How to get there - Take a cab

There is 200 Birr  entrance fee for foreigners.

Haile Selassie was Ethiopian King, his tomb is inside the church

The whole Place can be seen in less then hour, there is also the tomb of Meles Zenawi, Ethopian Prime Minister in the church grounds.

Entoto Hill and National Museum of Ethiopia

I visited these 2 during my 2015 visit, link to my 2015 Ethiopia Travels 

Shola Market 

This is a huge Local Market, try to go there with a local.Due to camera issues, I lost pictures of the market, ask for permission before taking photos

Africa Union Building

I could not find any info on how to get inside to see the conference center, took a selfie from the outside

Tomoca Coffee

This is the oldest coffee shop and the most famous, there are several locations in Addis

What to Eat

Injera and Shiro is Bread with a tomato chickpea flower dish. Very common Ethiopian food

Ful - Made from Fava Beans, I went to a local restaurant and paid less then 2 USD for a meal, came with  bread and Egg.

There is Gara Market for Grocery shopping and Mulmul Bakery for baked foods.

For Souvenir shopping, there are several shops near the main post office.

More to come, stay tuned

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  1. I want to visit Ethopia someday. I heard, the people are friendly and accommodating.


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