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August 24, 2023

3 Days in Belgrade Serbia

Belgrade Sign located by Sava River

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia has beautiful architecture, a vibrant nightlife, delicious food, and some of the best book fairs, movie festivals, theaters, and events in Europe. The city is tourist friendly, has low crime rate and friendly people who are happy to help.

Currency Serbian Dinar is the official currency though I was able to use credit cards and Euros everywhere. At the time of writing this post 1 USD equals 108 Serbian Dinar.

Besides walking and a bus ride from the Airport, took mostly cabs. Could not find Uber in Belgrade.

Day 1. Arrived at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade on a early morning flight from Ljubljana Slovenia, As of 2023 Serbia is not part of European union, USA passport holders do not need a visa for tourism. Got local currency at the Airport ATM, and once outside the Airport looked for buses to go to Stari Grad or Old town, that's where my hotel was, conveniently located to several eating places and tourist attractions. Found the bus and driver was very helpful and let me know where to get off, it was a good 45 minute ride from the Airport to Stari Grad in Belgrade.

Checked into the hotel and headed to Knez Mihailova Street: A pedestrian street lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants, often considered the heart of Belgrade. It's a great place for shopping, people-watching, and soaking in the city's atmosphere. After a lot of walking it was Time for some world famous Serbian pancakes 

Day 2. After Breakfast, headed towards Republic Square, a 10 minute walk from my hotel to take a walking tour of Belgrade

National Theatre Belgrade

Republic Square: This is one of the main squares in Belgrade, surrounded by historic buildings and important landmarks. The National Museum and the National Theatre are located here. The walking tour started in front of the Prince Mihailo Monument Statue in Republic Square. 

The tour goes towards Skadarlija: Often referred to as the "Bohemian Quarter," Skadarlija is a cobblestone street known for its traditional restaurants, art galleries, and charming atmosphere.

Belgrade Fortress: Walk uphill to reach the Belgrade Fortress, a historic site that offers panoramic views of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Explore the fortress walls, visit the Victor Monument, and enjoy the peaceful Kalemegdan Park within the complex.

Photo taken from the Belgrade fortress of Sava and Danube rivers

After the tour ended, I met up tourists from India and Sweden and shared a cab to visit Hram Svetog Save which is a Serbian Orthodox church in Belgrade

This is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world and an iconic symbol of Belgrade. The interior is equally impressive with beautiful frescoes and intricate details. The church is located on the Vračar plateau and The name translates to "The Temple of Saint Sava".

After meals we visited Lake Sava and took a tourist train ride that circles around the lake  

Day 3

Zeleni Venac Market: Visited this bustling market where you can find fresh produce, local products, and a variety of goods.

Terazije Square: Another central square with notable landmarks like the Terazije Fountain and the historic Hotel Moskva. The architecture around this area represents various styles from different periods.

After an incredible 3 days, it was time to head to the Airport and headed towards Greece 

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