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August 19, 2023

Punta Arenas Chile Travel

Plaza de Armas

Punta Arenas was a stopover on my way back from Antarctica in January 2020 

Punta Arenas, sometimes also called the ‘city of the red roofs,’ is the capital of Chile’s Magallanes region. This cultural melting pool has a lot to offer the world, and many visitors are surprised by its cultural diversity and natural beauty. Most people called it the city of red roofs because of the red metal roofs that most of the buildings in the city had. The red color came from the protective spray that builders used on those metal roofs.

Punta Arenas sees many activities with sea, land, and air pathways, despite its far-away location. It is also the starting point for many Antarctic expeditions, with recent expeditions bringing an economic boom with them. 

Things To Do In Punta Arenas, Chile.

One can find very convenient about Punta Arenas because it is possible to walk to most of the tourist attractions in Punta Arenas. 

Visit Plaza de Armas

My hotel Hotel Cabo De Hornos was across the street from Plaza de Armas with  The stately statue of Ferdinand Magellan in the center of the park, the namesake for this region of Chile. 

Board the Nao Victoria Museo

History buffs love Nao Victoria Museo because it is a replica of the carrack ship that Ferdinand Magellan used to discover what people now know as the Magallanes. For that reason, this replica has historical importance and is an important part of Punta Arenas’s history.

Climb the Cerro De La Cruz

Want to see the beautiful city from above? The Hill of the Cross or the Cerro de La Cruz will provide you with a breathtaking view of the idyllic city from above, with its colorful metal roofs and a stunning vista, including the Strait of Magellan.

Explore Fort Bulnes

The protectors of this old city built Fort Bulnes to evade attackers. Tourists worldwide now explore its nooks and crannies and get a feel of old-world Chile before it became the gateway to Antarctica that it currently is.

Punta Arenas Airport 

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