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2 Days in Jerusalem

The Golden MenorahI crossed into Jerusalem from Amman Jordan, my Hostel in Amman has arranged for a cab till the border for around $20, on the way we passed Mount Nebo, cab driver pointed the location. Mount Nebo mentioned in the Bible as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land. 

Get ready for your ears to pop as you are going to be on some of the lowest roads in the world, don't have an exact number on how much below sea level. 

I wrote a small post on how to cross the border from 

Amman Jordan to Israel  http://goo.gl/TLdb8C

Crossing from Eilat to Aqaba http://goo.gl/wOzUwC

When you get off the Mini Bus if coming from the border, the bus will drop you off at the Damascus Gate. A great entry point for the old city. Its best if you have a map or a lonely planet guide.

Damascus GateDamascus Gate

Transportation - Jerusalem is well connected by Light Rail, did take the rail one time, Though most of my time was spent in the old city walking.

Places I visited

Wailing Wall

This is a Lime Stone Wall. About 10 minutes from the Damascus Gate. There is a different section for Women and Men, lot of people praying there.

Walk streets of The Via Dolorosa

The Via Dolorosa is a street in Jerusalem, this is the street Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion carrying the cross. There are stations with number and the history behind the station.

station 4 via dolorosaVia Dolorosa
The Second Picture above and the picture below is Station 4 where Jesus met his Mother Mary on his way to the crucifixion carrying the cross. 

Also take a few breaks at tea shops and watch the people go by.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre 

This is a Greek Orthodox Church, And the burial site of Jesus. There were huge long lines to go in, I didn't bother to get in the long line.

Holy Sepulchre

Picture taken at the The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and to the right is the Stone where Jesus was laid to rest after his crucifixion. No I didn't carve my name on the stone, that's just a watermark.

I also went to see The Cenacle, site of The Last Supper and king David's Tomb.

Statue of King David playing the harp on Mount Zion

King David's Tomb

King David's Tomb, below Zion Gate to the Jewish Quarter

Dormition Abbey

This is the final resting place of Virgin Mary

Dome Rock 

I had been walking the old walled city of Jerusalem all day, by the time I got there it was passed 4 PM and non Muslims were not allowed in. So get there early.

I spent the night at a friends place outside the Old City and we Went for a night out in Jerusalem. Windmill in Jerusalem an Israels Goldstar Beer.

Next day From Jerusalem took bus 444 from Jerusalem to Eilat, and crossed the border to Jordan.

2nd picture above is Eilat.

Hope you liked my post, do leave me some comments.

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