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Long Weekend Visit to New Orleans

Labor Day Weekend, I had a place to stay with a friend and was off to see New Orleans, wanted to see why people I met in Austin were so fascinated by NOLA, drove from Austin, took me about 8 hours.

New Orleans is a city in southeastern Louisiana. It's known for its unique music, Creole cuisine, and annual festivals, including Mardi Gras. The city's historic heart is the French Quarter, which is known for its architecture and nightlife. New Orleans has a diverse culture that includes African-American, French, and Spanish influences. The city was ruled by both the French and the Spanish before the United States bought it in 1803. New Orleans maintains many French-influenced cultural and culinary traditions.

 Below: I took this picture, I like to try local beers, ABITA in this case.

Click on the pictures to enlarge

The Famous Bourbon St. for mardi gras, this is the street where its all at. I got to New Orleans late Saturday evening, spent the night at a See Food restaurant. Below are some pictures I took of the city, if you are traveling across the USA, New Orleans is worth a stop though IMO I wouldn't spend too much time there. Below are few Pictures I took. There was a Gay parade in the city that day.

Below photographing beautiful balconies in the New Orleans French Quarter

Jackson Square, a park in the French Quarter of New Orleans with Saint Louis Cathedral

Below a band playing in Jackson Square

The French Market are shops and restaurants in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Above New Orleans harbor and Got to give Cajun Food a try in New Orleans

Did I miss any places, do comment and let me know.


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