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My Sweden Scandinavia Visit

Visit to Scandinavia


Monday, November 12, 2007

Flew from Austin to Chicago to London, UK to Copenhagen Denmark. My Sister and niece were at the Copenhagen Airport to receive me. Took the train to Almhult Sweden.

Almhult is home to the First IKEA Store in the World

Train Station Malmo, this is on my way back to Älmhult from Copenhagen. I had a round trip Ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway.

The pictures below are Hassleholm, Sweden.

Below -  Ishana (my Niece) and Sunny (brother in law) went to see Absolute Vodka factory, Ishana was along as she was promised McDonalds. Absolute factory was closed to visitors, we did a walking tour of the town.


Outside a Glass Factory

Me and Ishana on the East Coast of Sweden

A Sweden Sunset

Helsingor or Elsinore 

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Second visit to Sweden

From Helsingborg I took the ferry to Helsingor(Danish) or Elsinore (English Name), 20 minute ride by ferry and the ferry runs all day long.


Click to enlarge pictures

The above picture is taken from the ferry.

Kronborg Castle or Hamlets Castle, from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Kronborg Castle, picture taken from the courtyard.

The above 2 pictures are the Kronborg Castle chapel, the chapel is from the period of King Frederik II, he rebuilt Kronborg castle in Elsinore between 1574 and 1585. In 1567 he founded Fredrikstad in Norway.


If anyone wants exact location of Helsingor, below is a map.

View Larger Map


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