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New Zealand South Island

South island of New Zealand has it all when it comes to Nature, Lakes, rivers, beaches, mountains, and fjord to name a few. After having traveled across all 6 inhabited Continents, I thought South island of New Zealand was the most beautiful place in the World.


From Auckland, I got a good price on a Jet Star flight of around $80 and flew to Queenstown. Get a window seat on the plane, some of the views are breathtaking. Queenstown is on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, with hiking trails along the Lake, also Queenstown has a  reputation for being the Adventure Capital of the World.

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Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is just beautiful, no other words, just beautiful. After 10 days of travelling in New Zealand, it was a much needed relaxing day. Lake Tekapo is part of a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, there is old Church, Church of the Good Shepherd where at night tourist gather for stargazing.
Pictures above, Views from YHA hostel where I stayed. Mount John University Observatory, which is about an hour's hike from Lake Tekapo, I did the hike, there is a cafe at the Observatory called Astro Cafe, the view are amazing, click on the above pictures to enlarge. And a fun night at the Hostel playing Jenga with other tourists.


 Another beautiful city in the South Island of New Zealand. I spent the evening at an exhibition on a expedition to  Antarctica. I plan to go to Antarctica, until I saw the exhibition, I had only Explored the possibility to going to  Antarctica via Ushuaia Argentina, NZ is another possibility, if anyone has any thoughts on going to Antarctica though NZ or Argentina, please leave comments.
Signs of the 2010 Earthquake that hit ChristChurch are still seen is various parts of the City. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Above YHA where I stayed, Below - across the street is the Christchurch Museum and the fountains


My Last Stop before heading to the North Island of New Zealand. There are several hike one can do in Picton.

My North Island Pictures, Click Here

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