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New Zealand North Island

Having traveled around the world, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful Countries on the planet in my opinion.

New Zealand - My Suggestions: Spend more time in the South Island then the North Island. South is much more prettier.

Travel Tip: If you have the time and the resources, my suggestion is to rent a Van and travel both the islands.

My New Zealand Trip Map, the red line in the map is from Auckland I flew to Queenstown. Click on the Pictures to Enlarge


I arrived in Wellington after 11 PM, probably the last flight coming in, the immigration office looked at me with suspension of being an immigrant to NZ although I am travelling on a USA passport, asked to see my return ticket, after a few questions and answers, I showed my itinerary of things to do and cities I am going to visit, which included bus times, flights, the whole 9 yards. Dude seemed impressed, said I was very organized, stamped my passport and off I went.

Outside the airport, a cold night, I caught which seemed to the last shuttle about to leave, 10 bucks to a 7 minute ride to my hotel.

Pictures of the city I took from Mt Victoria, Wellington

Parliment, Wellington


Taupo was a one day stop for me on my way to Auckland. Its a beautiful town on the shores of lake Taupo, the biggest lake in New Zealand. I leave you with some pictures.

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Rotorua was a short Stop, if you are hungry, check out the Gold star bakery, just off the main road near the bus stop and tourist information center.


I spent 4 days in Auckland, the city sits on top of a volcanic field. One of the 4 days I spent in Rangitoto, a volcanic island near Auckland.

Rangitoto Island 

A volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland, New Zealand. 

Coffee is Pretty Good in NZ

From Auckland, I took a cheap Flight to Queenstown.

For Some High Resolution Pictures I took while in New Zealand, Click Here

Pictures of Queentown Click Here.


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