November 25, 2012

Border Crossing from Amman Jordan to Israel

Allenby Bridge/King Hussein Bridge Border Crossing

The Allenby Bridge or the King Hussein Bridge is a bridge that you will need to cross to get to Jerusalem, from Amman Jordan. Took a cab from my Hotel in Amman and the cost of the cab was 25JD. Woke up early and was at the the border crossing at 7:30 AM. The Jordanian Immigration does not open till 8, no point getting there early.


There are no long lines if you are there by 8 or 8:30 AM. Exit fee from Jordan is 10 JD, I was in Jordan less than 24 hours, and the fee did not apply to tourist in Jordan less than 24 hours. The immigration office will keep your passport and only hand it to you in the Bus that will take you to Israel Immigration check point.The cost of the bus is 4 JD, the bus will not leave till it is full. My Bus left at 9:30AM and was the first bus with Tourist to leave.

 Once on the Other Side, there were maybe 20 or less Arab families ahead of me in Line,  due to my East Indian Origin I was subject to a lot of questioning. The immigration process took 30 minutes. Once out of the immigration office, changed money to pay for my ride to Jerusalem.


The Mini Bus, picture above, will not leave till it is full, the cost is about 40 Israel shekels, the bus did not leave for an hour as there were not enough people and we had to wait till it was full. While waiting, drank a coffee which was  much need of. The Bus will drop you off across the street from the Jerusalem old city gate called Damascus Gate. My Passport was stamped by the Israel Immigration, Which means, will have trouble getting Entry into a few Middle Eastern Countries.

Damascus gate Started my Self walking Tour of Jerusalem old city, in short, it is worth going to Jerusalem. From Jerusalem the next day I took a bus to Eilat and Went to Aquba Jordan from there.

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