September 15, 2014

Things to do in Amritsar India

One of my Visits to India,  I headed to Amritsar Punjab. For all its glory, Amritsar is blessed with the three best must-visit destinations, each unique in their own ways; namely, Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple), The Jallianwala Bagh and The Wagah Border. Apart from these beauties are the colorful streets of Jallianwala Market, that adds brilliance and vibrancy to this city with its utmost fervor.

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The next day, I took a shared horse-cart ride to Harmandir Sahib, popularly known as The Golden Temple. Starting your day with a visit to Holiest Place for the Sikhs is probably the best thing to do, especially when you are at Amritsar.  Amritsar means Pool of the Nectar, the Gurdwara being the main attraction of the city, built 16th Century. There are four doors to get into the Gurdwara, one on each side of the four walls, which symbolize the openness towards all human beings regardless of their color or religion.

I entered the temple, handled my footwear at the counter, washed my feet, took a scarf and covered my head and entered the Temple as I embraced the beautiful White Marble sculpted temple that has pure gold covering on the surface. I saw a huge gathering of worshipers and visitors, locals, people from other cities and other countries too, I can say it without a doubt, this has been the most beautiful experience in my entire life.

The Golden Temple has open dining hall, serving free basic vegetarian meals to all. We Sit on floor mats and eat, heads need to be covered and no shoes allowed.

Next Stop I headed towards Jallianwala Bagh, a minute away from The Golden Temple. Every step taken at the bagh reminded me of the massacre that took place here. I'd recommend you to go visit the gardens.

Read more about the massacre at Wikipedia

Next, was an approximately 34 kms ride to Wagah Border that was scheduled for its parade at 3 PM. But, before that, I stopped by at a street food stall to relinquish some lip-smacking Amritsari Fish with Roomali Rotis. Yum, the fish is very popular and there are several youtube videos, its highly recommended food when at Amritsar. I also happened to carry a zip-lock bag with Amritsari Kulcha, another popular food item. Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, did a whole episode on Amrisar.

Wagah Border is surely an amazing thing that happened to me that day. My perception about the two countries (India and Pakistan) was changed for the good. People were present in hundreds to have fun, cheer for their country and have a good time enjoying the routine parade done by the soldiers.

Next, From Amritsar I headed back to Delhi – traveled by train called Shatabdi, the train is fast and comfortable. 

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