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June 3, 2014

Places to see in Kyoto Japan

Kyoto with its amazing Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines, bamboo forest, beautiful cherry blossom trees is a city that should be on every world travelers list of must visit cities.

Kyoto Hotel Tower
OSAKA TIP - Took a Flight from Seoul South Korea to Kansai Airport in Osaka. In Osaka Expect long immigration lines and they moves slowly. Get a seat on the plane nearer to the exit so that you can be one of the first ones out.

Took the Train from directly Kansai Airport to Kyoto,  The ticket one way is 2770 Yen.

City Transportation:  Bus day buss passes very convenient and available at General Grocery or convenience stores. Get a Bus Map, the map will have all the tourist abstractions the city has to off offer, you can pick the bus routes accordingly.

My Stay: Bon Guest House in Kyoto, a little further from the train station, close to Golden Pavilion, stayed in a traditional Japanese style room.

Japan can be expensive compared to other countries in Asia. Plan accordingly. 

Kyoto Hotel Tower

Located right by the Kyoto Train Station, check out the observation deck for great views of the City.

Kinkaku ji - Golden Pavilion

Zen Buddhist temple in northern Kyoto. This was the start of my day in Kyoto, and a great way to start my sightseeing tour. Visitors are not allowed inside the Temple.

Yasaka Shrine  - A must See

Also known as Gion Shrine, It is a beautiful Shinto shrine in the Gion District of Kyoto, Take bus 206 from Kyoto Station, you cannot miss it

Inside the Yasaka Shrine there were food vendors at night, I was there on a Friday night. tired after a day of walking and seeing the temples, a bowl of noodles from one of the food vendors was much needed carbs to keep me going.

Inside the temple - Picture Below


One of the last Geisha districts in Japan

Walk Along the streets, check out the beautiful stores, souvenir shops and restaurants, food vendors, Tea Houses, must do things in Kyoto

Fushimi Inari Taisha - Shinto Shrine

Fushimi Inari Shrine has 1000's of Torii Gates, below a picture of the Red Torii Gate and the Second Picture of the Shrine. Shinto means the way of the Gods and Inari is the God of Rice

The bus from Kyoto Station to the Shrine is South 5, the South is in Japanese 南5

The gates below go all the way to the top of a Hill, Its a good hour and half plus walk up the Hill and you need to be in somewhat of a shape, I saw some people along the way quit and some much older folks go up all the way. I did go up all the way up. 

You see these Fox statues near the shrine and some of them are holding a key in their mouth.

Below Picture taken where one ends the trek to the hill

Nijo Castle - Another MUST SEE

Nijo Castle with its Lovely gardens was the residence of the Tokugawa shoguns in Kyoto, Shoguns were Military rulers in Japan. Ninomaru Palace inside the Castle Closes at 4 PM so be there in time. Photography is not allowed inside. 

Cherry Blossom Trees 

Maruyama koen Park, During March and beginning April The cherry blossoms bloom, one can see them at several parks in Kyoto.

For Food, Gion area has some great traditional Japanese Places to Eat, I did eat street food while in Kyoto, for cheap eats try the places next to the train station. 

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  1. Japan is soooo beautiful! One of those places my husband has been to so many times, but not me... :(
    I'm really looking forward to visiting... Was considering Tokyo alone, but now that I read about Kyoto you really got me thinking... hahaha!

  2. I hope to visit one day.. the food alone! :) That street food by the train sounds good. lol


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