September 19, 2015

Visit Chichen Itza Mexico

Since the addition of Chichen Itza to the wonders of the world, thousands of tourists visit every day. It was one of those Wonder of the world bucket list things, visited Chichen Itza and crossed it off the list. I visited Chichen Itza, Mexico in May of 2015. May is hot and muggy, winter months are the best to visit Chichen Itza.

Mayans did not make any end of the world predictions as per my tour guide. In December 2012 thousands of people gathered at Chichen Itza for world to End, they were disappointed.

I booked the trip through a Tour company, you can do a search online and pick one. My tour included the transport and tickets to sites, a very good lunch, Guide and a stopover at cenote ik-kil for a swim, hotel pickup and drop off from Cancun. The tour passes through historic Mexican town

Book a tour, I don't think one can do it any cheaper on their own. Plus the added conveniences of not having to wait for city buses or wait in line for entrance tickets.

Chichen Itza

ball court Chichen Itza

The Mayans were into sports and built huge courts for their ball games.

Cenote ik-kil

Cenote is a sinkhole that exposes groundwater, cenote Ik Kil was a stop for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in 2010, there is a landmark stone there stating that. It was part of the tour I paid for, I did swim, after being in the bus for a few hours, the water felt real good, lockers and life Jackets are available for rent.

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Expect long lines at Cancun Airport immigration check in counters, once outside the Airport, there are several Taxi drivers asking if you want to take a taxi, I took the airport Bus from the airport to downtown Cancun,

Cancun has Amazing Sunsets.

Isla Mujeres

With an afternoon to spare I visited Isla Mujeres, took the Ferry to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, spent the evening exploring the beautiful beaches and strolling through the Markets.

Happy Travels!

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