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October 20, 2004

Raw Sugar Process India

Sugarcane Jaggery, Raw Sugar also called Gur or Gurh in Hindi/Punjabi

On one of my trips in India driving across India, I stopped by a Sugar Cane Farm. They process Raw Sugar there, Its quiet the experience to see how work is done on small farms.

When processing raw sugar, they used Okra leaves to remove the impurities.

I do suggest, if going off the beaten path in foreign countries, do learn few words in the local language, Always ask the locals before taking pictures.

Above: Sugarcane being taken to bigger sugar factories

Fire pits knows as Bhatti is basically made out of clay and huge woks are filled with sugarcane juice to be heated, with the juice being cooked, there is foam, they used Okra leaves to remove the impurities as they stick to the leaves, huge skimmers are used to get the impurities out.

Raw Sugar being dried. Fire wood is used in the clay pits.

Some small farms use Bulls to pull carts, it is still in use, though more and more nowdays, tractors are used.

That's me in my Texas longhorn Cap, and I did buy a Dollars worth of Raw Sugar, it was about 2 kilos. When on the roads in India, do stop at a farm, they (the farm workers) will be glad you did.

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