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December 30, 2015

Big Bend National Park Texas

United States of America is beautiful, the National Parks, the river, mountains and the oceans. There are beautiful Cities with man made structures, every now and then one wants to get away from all the craziness of the cities and be in nature.

If there is one must see place in Texas, and an even greater reason for a Texas road trip, it is Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend National Park is the only park in the United States that has an entire mountain range, The Chisos Mountain

Big Bend National Park is about 6 hours west of Austin Texas, I rented a car, to my surprise the rental place upgraded me to a Jeep Compass, in the ruggedness of the mountains and going off the beaten path, the Jeep did well.

To visit the Park you will need to be driving, or have some one drive you, the park is over 800,000 acres. The park is big, then again everything is big in Texas for example Dallas Fort-worth Airport is larger than the island of Manhattan.

I visited in December 2015, not very cold, during day time, nights do get cold. Went from McDonald Observatory on highway 118 to Big Bend, it was a scenic drive, though very brown landscape as it does not rain much there.

The drives in the park are very scenic, have your camera ready.

Stay - I stayed at the Chisos Mountains Lodge, from the park entrance its about 25 miles to the lodge, there are several camp sites in the park also.

Important: drive the speed the Speed limit or lower than the Speed limit, as you never know what to expect at all the twist and turn mountain roads.

Walking Trail near the lodge, there are wild animals in the Park, harmless though.

List of hikes you can do can be found at the link below


Rio Grande Village

Located on the banks of the Rio Grande River, there is Mexico on the other side of the river. There are several Camp sites and hiking trails. There is a Visitors Center with all kinds of info on walking hiking trails. I hiked in the Boquillas Canyon.

Rio Grande River

Rio Grande Village is about 30 minute drive from Chisos Lodge.

Border Crossing from Big Bend Park to Boquillas  Mexico

Yes possible and I did it, you will need your passport. 

There is a boat driver that will charge you to cross the river into Mexico, I was only there to take photos and headed back, as living in Central Texas, have visited other border towns in the past. I also saw some people crossing the river on Horses.

For more info checkout National park Services link below

big bend national park

big bend national park

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