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December 26, 2015

Marfa Texas Visit

Visited Marfa Texas famous for its Mystery lights in December 2015. Marfa is about 6 hours drive from Austin Texas and was a stop on my way to McDonalds Observatory  and onward to Big Bend National Park.

When driving to West Texas, fill up petrol at every chance you get, as You could go hundred miles without a gas station

Evening in Marfa Picture on the right. Marfa does have amazing sunsets

Marfa lights - Lots of stories, the most popular of them being its Extraterrestrial and then there is the story of spirits of Apache people. There is also highway near Chinati Mountains close to where the lights are seen. I didn't see any lights and a worker at a camp site I stayed the night at told me they had lived in Marfa for 3 years and had not seen any lights. There was another person that said they had seen the lights, there are videos on youtube with people seeing the lights, my point is don't be disappointed if you go all the way to see the light and hoping to run into Extraterrestrial beings or UFO and it does not happen.

Picture above is Marfa Lights viewing center, when driving to Marfa, its about 8 miles before the city, on highway 90. There are free viewing scopes, and its basically barren land as far as the eye can see with hills in the background, its somewhere close to the hills where lights have been seen.

The landscape is beautiful, though brown, it does not looks like it had not rained in a while.

I stayed the night at a campsite El Cosmico, that already had tents, it was a cold December night and the beds in the tents had heated pads, which made all the difference and you'll be able to get a good night Sleep.

Picture of TP at the campsite, I stayed at a regular tent.

Next morning after a  great cup of coffee, took off to see the Prada Store, its 35 miles east of Marfa

Marfa City Hall, surprised by the beautiful building, they get a lot of tourist pass through their town

Beautiful building, they had it lit up during the night for Christmas.

Prada Marfa, it was a 70 mile round trip, as I was headed to McDonalds observatory after Marfa. With low gas prices at the time of writing this, I was okay with the drive.

More info on Prada Marfa at the link below


The 20 minutes I was there only 2 cars passed by on highway 90, Not a busy highway, well this what Prada in Texas looks like.

The Prada exhibit, the best word that comes to the mind is exhibit, it was vandalized in the past, during my visit it looked restored back, there were some shoes and purses in there.

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