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April 5, 2016

7 Hour Stopover in Hong Kong

Big Buddha hong kongTransit in Hong Kong - A Visit to Big Buddha in Lantau Island

In March 2016 on a flight from Manila Philippines to New Delhi, there was a 7 hour layover in Hong Kong. This was my 2nd time in Hong Kong, my first time in HK several years back, was such a wonderful experience, decided to leave the airport and see Tian Tan Buddha or the Big Buddha, my advice Don’t try to see everything in 7 hour layover, but do focus on a one good experience. It was a cold day in 3rd week of March and I made the best of it.

Link to my blog post on the first visit to Hong Kong

Out of the 7 hours, an hour is gone when departing the Airport to Immigration and changing money to finding info and Bus stops, and I needed to be back 2 hours before the flight. So basically 4 hours in Hong Kong, which was plenty of time to see the Big Buddha. Lantau Island is not to far from the airport.

From the airport take the S1 bus, a 10 minute ride to the Tung Chung MTR station, and walk to the cable car ticket office. Tung Chung MTR station will be the last stop on the S1 Bus. The bus ticket is HKD 2.50 one way, if you pay more than 2.50, change will not be given back, I had stopped at a store at the airport and gotten a juice and had exact change for going and coming back.

At the time of writing this post, 1.00 USD = 7.75 HKD, there are ATM machines at the Airport.

At the cable car ticket office, there was a very long line to board the cable car, at the ticket counter I had 2 choices, glass bottom cable car or regular, I decided on glass bottom, the round trip was around 250 Hong Kong dollar. A non glass bottom cable car is about HKD 150 round trip. One can also buy tickets on line, I didn't buy my ticket on line as I was not sure about flight delays or any other issues that may arise.

Cable Car Lantau Island

Above the Cable Car ticket office and a picture taken from the moving cable car going towards the Big Buddha in Lantau Island, the cable Car ride is about half an hour with some Amazing Views. The Glass bottom floor provides views to the trek/hike one can also take to the Big Buddha Lantau Island.

Once at the drop off location at the Cable car, there is 10 minute walk through warrior statues, restaurants and souvenir shops to the stairs that you climb to get to the Big Buddha

Big Buddha hong kongLantau Island

The Bronze Buddha on lotus flower is a massive statue, on a small hill, There are about 260 steps to get to the Buddha, not a difficult climb by any means, small children and old people were doing it. I went up the stairs, again the views are amazing. One can go inside the Buddha statue for a fee.

Offering of the Six DevasBig Buddha hong kong

The first picture above is The Offering of the Six Devas, they are offering the Buddha - flower, fruit, music, incense, lamp, ointment.

I walked along the complex, due to lack time did not go to the Po Lin Monastery. The whole complex is impressive, Took the Cable car back and made it to the airport in time with time to spare for a delicious noodle soup. Much needed hot soup on a very cold day, was not expecting cold weather as I was coming from Philippines and it was quiet warm there.

What are some of your favorite things to do on Stopover, do leave some comments below.


  1. Those statues are absolutely amazing. Awesome perspective shot.

  2. I honestly have never been on a stopover, but I would love to explore cities likes this. Hong Kong sounds really amazing!

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