April 7, 2016

Visited Iceland in March 2016

Iceland is one of the most beautiful scenic Countries I have been to, from Mountains, rivers, to black sand beaches.

I visited Iceland in March 2016, March is still very cold, the reason for going in March is to see the Northern lights, after April 15 the chances of seeing the northern lights are slim due to longer daylight hours.

Link to my post on the Southern Iceland tour

I took the Golden Circle tour and the 
Southern Iceland tour, they were both worth it.
Also did the 

Link to my post on the Golden Circle tour

Reykjavik Airport 

Iceland is an expensive country, budget accordingly. Airport to city shuttle is USD 20. Cab to city is over 100 USD. From Airport to city center is about an hour.


Northers Lights - 

Amazing, no other words to describe it. I booked a tour in Reykjavik, the tour bus picked me up at 10 PM in the night and drop off was 2 AM. The tour will only operate on a clear night, and that to you are not guaranteed you'll see the northern lights. If you are going to photograph the lights, my suggestion is to use a tripod, since I didn't have a tripod I couldn't get a 30 second exposure that I would have liked to have. Anyways it was a clear night and I got to see the lights. A must Do/See, dress warm.

Harpa - Great for taking Night Photos from the street.

National Museum of Iceland

It tells the story of Iceland, history and has artifacts, my opinion don't go out of your way to see it, I spent an hour there. Pictures I took while at the Museum.

Blue Lagoon - I didnt do the Blue lagoon, its on the way to the airport, you can stop during or on your way back to the airport, best to check with Visitors center in Reykjavik.

During my Northern lights and other 2 tours, every tour guide told us last McDonalds in Iceland closed in 2008, and the second and more important thing is 'Don't call an Icelandic horse a Pony' 

Anyways I saw the Horses, petted them, and they are beautiful, and friendly. There are 80,000 Horses in Iceland.

Street Art in Reykjavik

Street Art in Reykjavik

Photo Below taken on a walk by the Harbor

If I visit Iceland again - I plan to rent a car from the airport and drive the Ring Road, Camp and cook out, the best way to see Iceland.

Having watched the Show Vikings on Amazon Prime, Iceland was discovered by Floki 
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  1. What a great blog post and all the informations!
    I am planning a visit to Iceland soon - it helped me a lot for the calculation of my budget!

    Have a nice day

  2. So cool that you got to see the Northern Lights, I've heard it depends a lot on luck. Iceland is expensive, that's also something I've heard a lot. I've been to Switzerland and Norway and I remember finding Norway extremely pricey, so I imagine Iceland is somewhat similar. Thanks for the tip on using an tripod to photograph the lights.

  3. I'd love to go to Iceland, but it's good to know that things there are so pricey. Thanks for sharing... I'll have to save up!

  4. I went to Iceland myself earlier this year and I loved it too! As well as all the places you listed above, I really enjoyed the waterfalls, Golden Circle, glacier hikes and geothermal spas that are on offer. Such a fantastic country, and worth the hefty price tag!

  5. OMG! I agree with you that Iceland is expensive. Flights to there from US or Canada is cheap but local expenses there is what will get ya! I would say the top three most expensive countries I've been to are Iceland, Switzerland, and Japan. Having said that though, there are ways to save money.

  6. oh wow u manged to see northern lucky...yeh ICeland is damm expensive...we visited recently but atleast all teh touristic places were free of cost..thnaks for the informative post

  7. Someday .. when I get rich :D Amazing that you got to see the northern lights, once in a lifetime experience!


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