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September 6, 2018

4 days in Belize

Visited Belize in September 2018, September is hot and humid, not the best time to visit. Everyone speaks English though locals speak Kriol among themselves.

Day 1                            

                                           Belize City Airport to San Ignacio 

I had booked a shuttle online to take take me from Belize City airport to San Ignacio, for $55 USD. They canceled on me as minimum 2 people are needed to take the shuttle or I could pay double. I took my chances as I coudl not find an online company to take me from Belize Airport to SAN Ignacio, so basically arrived around noon and immigration is quick and easy. Once outside the airport, cab drivers approached me, the price was $160 to go to San Ignacio, I declined and asked the taxi drive how much to go to the bus stop in Belize City, the price is $25 and I agreed. I had already searched the online forums and knew that to be a fair price.The taxi drive tried to convince me to go to San Ignacio, he kept saying the buses will be full.

At the Belize City bus stop I waited for 15 minutes and was on a Bus to San Ignacio. There are no AC in the bus, the ticket was 5.50 USD or 11 Belize dollars. And the bus was full, though I got a seat. Roughly 3 hours later I was in San Ignacio.

Belize City main bus terminal

                                                     San Ignacio 

 Small little border town, just a few city blocks, one can walk anywhere. Cayo welcome center is where you can get all the tourist information from. Its by the main bus stop, now in San Ignacio there is no bus terminal, just a stop by the road side. Locals are friendly and will help you directions if needed. Hot and sweaty from the bus ride, I headed to my hotel that I had booked though booking.com for $25 a night. Private room with attached bath.

Cayo welcome center

After a refreshing shower, I was off to explore the town. Found a place that sells organized tours, booked a day tour through them to Tikal Guatemala, for the following day. Price was $135.

Day 2 was spent in Tikal

First day in San Ignacio, I had dinner at Erva's, its on Far West street. A dinner of fish, rice and beans and a side salad with a beer was around 10 USD. The next night I ate a Chinese restaurant called Maxim's. There is also an Indian restaurant call Tandoor. There are no shortage of eating options in San Ignacio.

Day 3 and DAY 4, I headed back to Belize City, again at the bus stop in San Ignacio cab driver approached me, to take me back they wanted $75 this time. I took the bus back.

                                                                    Belize City

My hotel in Belize city was located between the main Bus stop and down town. The price was $60 a night for an A/C room with breakfast included.

TIP -  if you want to use ATM to get local currency, there is an ATM in downtown from Scotia bank, its near the Broadies supermarket.

Belize city is divided into 2 main parts, north side and south side. South side has extreme poverty. Broken down shacks with more than one family living in them, Belize city has 35% unemployment as per my cab driver. A lot of houses are on stilts due to flooding from the sea. North Side is the richer and nicer area with a lot of ex-pat and retires calling it home.

I made my way in South Side to St. John's Cathedral. Its the oldest Cathedral in the Caribbean built in 1812, made by bricks used to balance the ships that came from Europe and Africa.

The first picture is the Cathedral and the 2nd picture is what is left of a wall around the Cathedral, the slaves had to be on the other side of the wall.

I did go inside the Cathedral, it is beautiful.

Behind the Cathedral is an old governors mansion by the ocean. I had a cab drive me along the south part of the city. We drove past old cemeteries, the graves are above ground due to sea water in the ground. We went past government buildings, museum's, schools - kids in Belize wear white uniforms. Then we went to the nicer part of the city the north side. Beautiful drive along the ocean, beautiful colonial houses, sea side bars. Embassies and casinos and the cab driver gave me an commentary as he drove along. The hour and a half ride along Belize city in the Taxi cost was 25 USD.


The first picture above is an old colonial house on barrack street, back in the 1800's there was no A/C and the houses were built with all those windows to ventilate and keep the house cooler.
The 2nd photo is of Brodies supermarket, they have a deli for cheap eats. Downtown, though rest of the stores were Chinese and Indian owned as far as I could tell.

Due to lack of time I plan to visit Belize again to see the Belize Cayes (Islands)

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