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September 8, 2018

Belize Guatemala Border Crossing

Benque Viejo del Carmen Belize to Melchor de Mencos Guatemala Border Crossing

From San Ignacio Belize the border is about 20 minutes drive along the beautiful Mopan River. At the check point one walks into the Belize immigration,  there are 2 windows you'll need to go through. The first one is to Pay an exit fee, When leaving Belize you will have to pay 40 Belize dollars as an exit fee. Next window is where they stamp your passport. There is an Exit forum everyone has to fill out.

There are unofficial money changer there, to change money into Guatemala Quetzal. Most of them will give you a good rate. I used the money changers in central America before, so basically changed small amount to get me by.

Belize Side of the Border Immigration office

After getting your exit stamp, you'll walk through no man's land a few meters to Guatemala Immigration, this is hassle free for me as I have a US passport. There were other European and Asian tourists, they didn't have any issues either.

Guatemala Immigration

Guatemala Immigration there are no entry exit fees.

Entry Back into Belize, the only question the immigration officer asked me where I was going, I replied San Ignacio, there is no entry fee back into Belize.

When flying out of Belize city there is no exit fee.

Hope this helps any fellow traveler, feel free to ask any questions

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