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September 15, 2022

Things to do in Bergen Norway

It was a cold foggy day in Bergen, I made the best use of it. I had taken a cruise ship from Iceland to Norway and Bergen was the first stop. Surrounded by mountains and fjords,  Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway after Oslo. As my cruise ships sails towards Bergen, one can see the beautiful green mountains and fjords, including Sognefjord also known as the King of fjords.

After a great breakfast, I took a tour bus from the harbor to the city, Most of my day in Bergen was spent walking,  Below are the things to do in Bergen Norway.

1. Mount Floyen

Took the funicular to get to the top of the hillside, it was a foggy day in July, still it is a must do/see when in Bergen. The hikes around are also beautiful, with tree houses and Goats. There is also a gift shop and restaurant at the top of the hill. The views are spectacular, giving you a complete bird's eye view of the town. 

Mount Floyen

Above Picture taken from Mount Floyen in Bergen

The goats are friendly and one can pet them.

2. Fish Market Bergen

The fish and seafood market is in red tents near the harbor, there is fresh fish and most sellers will prepare it for you.

Historic Bryggen; with different colors of Hanseatic houses built in the 14th to 16th centuries. These places were used for trading and stocking purposes. It is a stretch of colorful buildings which over the centuries were destroyed by fires and rebuilt. These days its been turned into retail business with souvenir shops, clothing stores ect. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

4. Walking the streets of Bergen

Bergen is a tourist town, tourism and fishing being the 2 main industries. The tour guide took us through the streets and explained the history, religion drinks and food, though in my opinion the real beauty of Bergen is in the surrounding mountains and Fjords.

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