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September 18, 2022

Things to do in Akureyri Iceland

Nestled along the shores of one of the most breathtaking fjord 'Eyjafjordur' in Iceland, Akureyri is Iceland's second largest City. The traffic red stop lights are in the shape of heart and Akureyri City bus is free of charge and will take you anywhere you need to go in town.

This was a one and half day stop on my Iceland and Norway Cruise. Iceland Air has flights from Reykjav√≠k City Airport (RKV) to Akureyri Airport (AEY), the flight takes only 45 minutes, car rental or taking a Bus would be your other option. 

Day one - I explored the city on foot. The ship I was on; docked at the port and My first stop was Akureyrarkirkja or The Church of Akureyri is a Lutheran church, its nothing to write home about, just another Church. After the Church visit and walking up and down the stairs, I walked along the Art street, it is nick named Art Street, Icelandic names of Street are not easy to pronounce for me.  

Day Two - Amazing Iceland


After Breakfast I took a Shore Excursion and my first stop was Godafoss or Waterfalls of the Gods, it is about 45 minutes drive from Akureyri, the tour guide explained the story behind the name, around 10th century a Norwegian Viking Chief took the ideals of Norse Gods Odin, Thor, Loki, ect and threw them in the waterfalls and converted to Christianity hence the name Godafoss.

There are tour companies in town; also car rental companies.

Waterfalls of the Gods Iceland

Myvatn lake 

Myvatn Lake 

Hiking Trails with small volcanos that you can walk around, Amazing views, great for Photographers, the tour only gave us 30 minutes to explore, so did not hike one of the trails as this is not a place where one can be left behind and one can find their way home. There is some kind of mosquitos in the area which didn't bite and didn't bother me, though some folks wore hat with a net around, regardless the lake and the views are beautiful and a must see.


Its a lava field, with lava rocks and shapes. Their are walking trails, I hiked the trails and took a few photos and videos.

Mt. Namafjall and the boiling mud pools

Its a geothermal area with fumaroles and mud pots, the hot springs produce a lot of Sulphur and the whole place smells, in Iceland they used to mine Sulphur to make gun powder. Stay on the marked trails and paths as a fall with uneven soil and boiling mud pots will surely land you in the hospital.

The whole tour took over 6 hours and we did stop for Icelandic lunch and coffee on the way. 

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