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September 27, 2022

Things to do in Olden Norway

A Day in Olden Norway

Olden is a village in Norway and my second stop on the Noway Iceland Cruise, Located at the northern end of the Oldedalen valley, on the southern edge of the Nordfjorden and its proximity to the Briksdal glacier.

Olden is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. Olden is located between steep mountains, blue glaciers, and waterfalls,  As I left the Cruise Terminal to go see the Town there was a Red Color sightseeing bus to glacier viewpoint, bought a ticket and got on the bus, used a credit card as I did not have any Norwegian Currency. credit cards are accepted in most places in Norway.

Things to do in Olden Norway

Glacier Sightseeing tour - Glacier Sightseeing tour started from the cruise terminal towards glacier viewpoint. The tour goes along the beautiful Olden Lake surrounded by tall mountains, and waterfalls.

Lake Olden
Lake Olden

The sightseeing bus went through old houses and farms, also there was a commentary about American philanthropic William H Singer who loved Olden, lived there and built a hospital.

Near the Cruise Port there is a small market, the bus stopped there and I got off the bus to do some souvenir shopping. From there I walked to the ship and had a nice lunch.

Mt. Hoven - Breathtaking Views

Olden Norway

From Red sightseeing bus to the blue bus, the cost for the blue bus was $85 USD which included ticket to Loen Skylift, the skylift takes you straight up to to Mt. Hoven.

Loen Skylift is one of the steepest aerial tramway in the world.

Mt. Hoven, a 1011 meter mountain, it offers a spectacular view of the fjords. Mt. Hoven is a starting point for several hiking trails, one has to be in good shape to do the hike which I am not, so did not attempt to do the hikes, Instead did Photography and spent time admiring the view from a restaurant terrace which is on Mt. Hoven.

FAQ in Leon Skylift check out their website at https://www.loenskylift.com/

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