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October 13, 2022

One Day in Trondheim Norway

Trondheim was my 4th stop in Norway, I was there for a day.

Founded in 997 CE as a trading post, Trondheim has evolved into Norway's 3rd most populous city. With a rich history and many historical sites to explore, Trondheim, Norway is a great place to add to your travel Itinerary.

I took a city tour of Trondheim, below are Things to do in Trondheim Norway

1. Sverresli Viewpoint

Sverresli Viewpoint

View of Trondheim, from Sverresli Viewpoint, a panoramic viewpoint. 

2. Kristiansten fortress

Kristiansten fortress

Kristiansten fortress is a popular tourist attractions. There are cannons lined along the fortress Wall, to defend the city from attacks in the late 1600's.

3. Niadros Cathedral

Niadros Cathedral

Niadros Cathedral, a Gothic church constructed in 1070, one needs to buy a entrance ticket at the tourist souvenir shop, there are free and paid tours inside the Church. It was very busy with tourist when I visited.

From the Cathedral, I had a few hours to explorer the city by foot checking out the colorful houses by the waterfront. Trondheim has several museums, due to lack of time was unable to visit

4. Main Square

Trondheim main square

Statue of Olav Tryggvason who was the founder of Trondheim, at the main square. The square was my last stop, from there I walked towards the train station and onwards to the harbor to my waiting ship.

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