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October 4, 2022

Things to do in Alesund Norway

Photo taken from the Fjellstua viewpoint

Alesund, Norway is a picturesque coastal town and was the third stop on my Norway cruise, after a good breakfast I headed to take a paid tour and my bus was waiting at the harbor. There is an Airport in town and a train station 100 KM away.  

Things to do in Alesund Norway

Fjellstua viewpoint - The above Photo is taken from Mount Aksla, a hill top overlooking the town. One can hike to the top or in my case take a bus to take top, the hike involves taking steep stairs to the top. There are crowds most of the day, Alesund and Fjellstua is a Popular tourist spot. I waited 15 minutes at the hilltop to take photos and shoot a small video.

The views are stunning, I was there in the morning, though evening and night photography from the hilltop would be amazing. 

Sunnmore Museum 

Located just outside Alesund, this open-air museum offers a glimpse into Norwegian rural life from centuries past. Outdoor museum of historical houses in the region. The tour guide was explaining the history about the houses and I took off on own to film the area as there were two bus full of tourists.

There is also a indoor Viking era boat museum in the same complex

If you're visiting in the winter months, Alesund is a good location for potentially seeing the Northern Lights. Check the local forecast for aurora activity and head to a dark spot outside the town if conditions are favorable.

There is lot to do in Alesund, from hikes to exploring Norwegian fjords and mountains. Take a boat tour to explore the nearby fjords. You can visit Geirangerfjord, Hjorundfjord, or the UNESCO-listed Næroyfjord. These excursions offer breathtaking natural scenery. Since I was there only for a day, besides the above a drive through the city and walking the streets took up most of the day. 


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