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October 4, 2022

Things to do in Alesund Norway

Photo taken from the Fjellstua viewpoint

Alesund was the third stop on my Norway cruise, after a good breakfast I headed to take a paid tour and my bus was waiting at the harbor. There is an Airport in town and a train station 100 KM away.  

Things to do in Alesund Norway

Fjellstua viewpoint - The above Photo is taken from Mount Aksla, a hill top overlooking the town. One can hike to the top or in my case take a bus to take top, the hike involves taking steep stairs to the top. There are crowds most of the day, Alesund and Fjellstua is a Popular tourist spot. I waited 15 minutes at the hilltop to take photos and shoot a small video.

The views are stunning, I was there in the morning, though evening and night photography from the hilltop would be amazing. 

Sunnmore Museum 

Outdoor museum of historical houses in the region. The tour guide was explaining the history about the houses and I took off on own to film the area as there were two bus full of tourists.

There is also a indoor Viking era boat museum

There is lot to do in Alesund, from hikes to exploring Norwegian fjords and mountains. Since I was there only for a day, besides the above a drive through the city and walking the streets took up most of the day.


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