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fiordland new zealand
On the Way to Milford Sound, New Zealand

My name is Arvinder or Arvin either one works, and was born in New Delhi, India. Growing up we had Mango and Guava trees in our front and back yard. 

Right after High school at 17 Years Old,  discovered the joys of Travel, my father gave me money to travel and did a road trip from New Delhi to Leh/Ladakh in Kashmir. The trip took 7 days one way, 4 of which were through the beautiful Mountain Range of the Himalayas and stayed in Kashmir India for a month. And got addicted to traveling, did a few more road trips Drove from New Delhi to Kathmandu Nepal, New Delhi to Mumbai, and guess what - To Travel the world, this was my calling. Been to all 7 continents, around 140 countries and over 450 cities/towns and I plan to visit every country by 2028.  

To travel the world was not really my calling, my calling is to be a good human being. Traveling is just an obsession. Planning to visit every country on planet Earth by 2028, this will depend on the Pandemic . This blog is a journal of my travels.

arvinderarvinder Giza Egypt

Above 2 pictures Petra and Giza Egypt and the 2 photos below Turkey and South Korea

arvinder in turkeyarvinder in seoul

Travels I Loved

I am more into Nature and the outdoors and some of my best travels are New Zealand, Iceland, camping in Wadi Rum Jordan, Big Bend National Park Texas, Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota. Masai Mara Kenya is absolutely beautiful.

Antarctica, my best and most expensive travel

arvinder in Machu Picchu

Also enjoyed the Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu. 4 day trek through the Andes Mountains, Amazing.

Had once seen a picture of Machu Picchu at a restaurant in Minneapolis near where I used to live, loved living in Minnesota though the winters can be brutal. 

There I was admiring the Machu Picchu photo and hoping to go there one day, the Universe gives you what you ask for.  

Church of St. George lalibela
Lalibela Ethiopia 

Lalibela Ethiopia was also one of my bucket list must see places, to See the rock-hewn churches, rock-hewn is a church is made from a single block of stone. These churches are believed to have been created in the 12th century. There are eleven churches.
Church of St. George, picture above.

burana tower
Burana Tower Kyrgyzstan Nov 2017

Old Silk Road - one of my best Travels The old Silk road always was very fascinating to me and I wanted to do a road trip from Armenia to xi'an china, that meant going through Iran and traveling through Iran on a US passport is not a good Idea, so from Armenia to Georgia and on to Azerbaijan, I flew to Almaty Kazakhstan and broke journey in Kyrgyzstan, however I will travel by road from the stans to China, in the near future.

Travel Photography - carry a Sony Point and shoot camera and a gopro hero 8. Not into big bulky cameras as my goal is to travel light. 
Started this blog as a photo journal of my travels, over the last few years I have started adding some guides to the places visited. 

Kyoto Japan

Bergen Norway

Iceland, one of the most beautiful countries 
Akureyri Iceland


arvinderMy first bike was a hand me down bike from my elder brother at age 17, the bike was a YEZDI, bike was based on CZ 250 Czechoslovakian design. 250cc 2 stroke bike. I spent 3rd of my time awake on that bike zipping through the streets of New Delhi. I did a few road trips, one of them was from Delhi to Shimla 700 KM round trip, last stretch of the trip was through the curvy roads of the Himalayas. Shimla is located on the south-western ranges of the Himalayas at altitude of 7,238 ft

In the USA I have owned 2 bikes, Honda CB750 and Ninja 250.

I rode the Honda 750 from Minneapolis to Grand Marais through Duluth Minnesota, little over 500 miles round trip.

Its a big beautiful world out there...

Skydiving Solo skydiving

arvinderarvinder sky diving

arvinder masai mara
Masai Mara Kenya

Bogota Colombia Street Art

For food Lebanon is my favorite country followed by India.

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Genghis Khan Statue Complex Ulaanbaatar, Nalaikh, Mongolia

Outside the white House, Washington DC, July 2019

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Above Rwanda Presidents Museum

Video - must watch

California Redwood Trees

Salt Flats Bolivia

Belgrade Serbia

Happy Travels! Please Share my blog!


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  1. You’ve traveled a whole lot, Arvin! I’m not even halfway there yet but I hope to get there one day :)

    We were thinking of moving to Thailand as well but we keep postponing as life always seems to get in the way. We decided for Thailand both for the low cost of living and for the beautiful views; I can’t wait to wake up being surrounded by tropical trees and wild birds; I’m almost a vegan so having fresh fruits and veggies so handy and so cheap is another big plus.


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