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Places to See in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a Central American country known for its natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical sites. Used my frequent flyer Miles to get a Air ticket and Spent 8 Days in Nicaragua. Stayed in Hostels, ate delicious street food, took local buses and shared cabs, this was one amazing Vacation without spending much money.

I wrote about Border crossing to and from Costa Rica in my blog post at http://goo.gl/72EnqK


Managua is the capital and largest city of Nicaragua.

The picture above is Old Cathedral of Managua, it was damaged in an earthquake, no one is allowed inside (at the time of writing this post) and there is a guard there.

I spent 2 days in Managua, use common sense and it is a pretty safe city. Day time cabs are safe. I stayed at the Managua Backpackers Inn near Metro Center Mall. The Mall had a food Court with several fast food choices.

My flight landed at 9 PM and it was US$ 20 from Airport to the hostel.

One thing I love from my travel in South America is eating street food, so gave it a try in Managua, fresh and tasty, the best part its cheap. About US$ 3 for a meal with a drink. You'll find several eating places all over Managua on the street side. Try traditional dishes like gallo pinto (rice and beans), vigorón (a dish made with yuca, chicharrón, and cabbage salad), and nacatamales (a type of tamale).

If you enjoy a drink, give Flor de Caña Rum a try.

Managua has several markets and shopping areas where you can experience local culture and buy handmade crafts, clothing, and fresh produce. 

If you know Spanish, you can travel the city by buses, if not than Cabs are cheap. In January it was warm enough to need an AC at night, though a fan will do.


Its basically 2 Volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua, the 19th biggest lake in the world, From Costa Rica Nicaragua border I took the Cab till San Jorge at the entrance of where the ferry takes you to Ometepe, the town is called Moyogalpa.

Stayed at a youth hostel in Moyogalpa, I think it was $5 a night, there are several hostels with in walking distance of the ferry terminal.

I hiked the larger volcano called Concepcion. Going up is easier than coming down.

Lava From the Volcano and views from the top.

 Below Picture I took from the ferry on my way to Ometepe.

A photo posted by Arvin (@arvintravels) on

 Charco Verde nature reserve and Ojo de Agua natural springs are popular spots to visit in Ometepe.


I took the mini van/bus to Granada from Managua, it was a dollar. Little crowded, but its an hour or so ride and can't complain for paying a buck. The Main attraction in Granada is the Cathedral below and the street that goes along the back side, enjoy a nice evening of drinks and food there.

Granada is on the banks of Lake Nicaragua, one can take a tour of the lake and see small islands with beautiful houses built on them.

San Juan Del Sur

Its a town on the Pacific Ocean, from Ometepe I took the ferry back to San Jorge and from there a cab for US$10 till San Juan.

San Juan Del Sur is a small town with a beach and a road running along the beach with bars and eating places along the road, its fun fun place and real beautiful. Party Town.

san juan del sur
Great Cheap Food - SAN Juan Del SUR

Few Pictures of my Trip

ometepe Nicaragua
Ferry ready to dock in Ometepe

Woman Selling Food on the Bus

View From My Hostel in San Juan

Video of My Bus trouble on my Way to Rivas.

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  1. Great video and post! Grenada looks amazing, can't wait to go.

  2. Thanks for sharing the logistics and prices of how you traveled. I haven't been to Nicaragua. I can tell you really enjoyed it. Getting a plane ticket with airline miles is so good for the budget, isn't it?

    1. Yes getting a free Airline ticket is great for the budget!

  3. This is an area of the world we hope to explore someday! As a travel family, we have never stayed in a hostel, but $5 a night has such a nice ring to it! Granada looks like the perfect spot for us to spend time.

  4. Great post on Nicragua, how to get out there one day. Have a great new year :)

  5. Nicaragua looks and sounds both amazing! I wanted to go there when I was in Costa Rica but I just didn't make it. Sad I missed it now!

  6. Great post! Looks like a beautiful part of the world. I have a friend traveling to Nicaragua soon so I'll definitely be sharing this with her :)

  7. Nicaragua is on my list for traveling this year but not sure what cities we have narrowed it down to yet. I want to stay at one of their ultra luxury resorts

  8. Nice to spend airmiles this way. Looks like a great destination for those who don't like crowds like me.


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